The Fight of Fourteen Nations
Creator: Thefishdude || First Published: 07/21/2006 || Players: 14 || Size: 30x20
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 7.56 in 138 ratings
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Thefishdude (07/21/2006 10:06am | Edited: 07/21/2006 10:23am):

I still need to add the other nations.

EDIT: OK, you can add your opinion about my map.

I added lots of forests and mountains to make this map a fun FOW match. The high city rate
is to give you funds for an early battle so that there is action every time it's your
turn. Best with no teams and with fog so that the randomness can make things exciting. Set
the funds higher for even more action. Don't set it too high or else it would be a
megatank killing spree.

Give me as much suggestions as you can to make this map better.
Shadow Star (07/21/2006 10:18am):
natiosn added it seems, might want to work on placement, and there is a tad too much
terrain and a bit too much property.

but it doens't look bad besides the crowdedness that all 9+ maps are.
gunner1138 (07/21/2006 11:23am):
*squints at map*
LuminescentSword (07/21/2006 12:26pm):
Looks pretty good. A bit forest heavy and a bit city heavy, but no complaints after that.9/10
your_mom1337 (07/21/2006 01:08pm):
countries in the middle are at a disadvantage.
Thefishdude (07/21/2006 02:54pm):
Unless they make temporary teams.
jhuni (07/21/2006 08:34pm | Edited: 12/04/2006 06:47pm):
Centralized player imbalance.
RDS (07/22/2006 05:50am):
At least put the firstgoers in the middle
mariokartmaster (07/22/2006 10:22am):
Kindle can hurt here.
Thefishdude (07/22/2006 11:59am):
I still have to wait for my games on this map to get finished.
muhaha_ha (07/22/2006 12:51pm):
6.33??? cut the guy some slack, its not exactly a walk in a park to make a good and fair 14
player map, and even with that considered, its still a pretty good map, 10/10
jhuni (07/28/2006 11:15pm | Edited: 12/04/2006 06:48pm):
Imbalanced. Not worth playing. -- (fixed)
GaoGaoStegosaurus (07/30/2006 06:04pm):
BD has too many properties to itself. =\
sirfuxalot (07/31/2006 01:05am | Edited: 07/31/2006 01:07am):
If some thing is "pretty good" you don't give it a ten. And 6.33 is an average/above
average score to me.

A few cities should be taken out, and make it so the outer countries dont have as much
money available.

I've also noticed an awful lot of chokepoints, mostly on the edges of the map. Either put
mountains right on the side or far from it.
gamewizard (08/11/2006 06:02am):
[i]GaoGaoStegosaurus (07/30/2006 09:04pm):
BD has too many properties to itself. =\ [/i]

Its also in the middle so all oter countries will be going towards it.

And I give you a 9/10
RockmanX_Zero (08/23/2006 04:04pm | Edited: 08/23/2006 04:06pm):
BD is in the middle...? >_>

Give PL some more cities, right now it's at a HUGE disadvantage due to FTA and lack of

EDIT: Not to mention it's also in the MIDDLE of 3 other countries! =P
Mario_Dan_2XXX (09/06/2006 12:16pm | Edited: 09/10/2006 11:58am):
Some players will have disadvantage and other too much advantage due the number of cities
nearby to them.
dboy (09/26/2006 03:05am):
with 14 players drop outs will be a major problem
Creepy Crawly (09/26/2006 05:30am):
well i personally liked it... just like the other guy said making a 14 player map (FFA to make it
worst) is EXTREMELY HARD i have tried to mak a map but i give up halfway...
right now im working on one...
jhuni (09/26/2006 09:14pm | Edited: 12/04/2006 06:49pm):
This maps clearly imbalanced, I don't know how I could play maps like this, or how other
people still do at a time. Maybe they don't know about the centralized player imbalance.
gamewizard (11/26/2006 03:18pm):
Man is there any type of map that you like, I look at all teh maps and you ahve rated pretty
much all of them, and very few have you ever givin a good grade to. Tell me, what is your
favorite map? Original ones, not ones form any of the games or edits of them.
sirfuxalot (12/02/2006 11:06pm):
He likes a few of my maps.
jhuni (12/04/2006 07:11pm):
Yes I like your maps, and here's other maps I rated 9+, all by differing people.

Yes there's hundreds of maps that aren't good, but there still a few that aren't bad.

Riukken (05/27/2007 05:44pm):
Ban Kindle, Sensei, Hachi, Kanbei, Colin, and Grit.
RyuKaitatsu (06/04/2007 09:16pm):
this isnt my map

Thefishdude (06/15/2007 07:03pm):
At least it's fun
DuelStriker (09/04/2007 09:21am):
Dude this map is awesome. Kindle obviuosly owns here as does Lash.
CameronWallace2007 (10/24/2007 09:48am):
Nice map 10 from me but ur rating at the mo sucks compared to how good it is best map ive
seen except Evilmasterminds maps
Matt731 (03/05/2008 09:12pm):
its not bad if u like spontaneous gameplay, but its a bit too much for me. i dont plan on using it
anytime soon. also, it gets really hard to "take it all in" cuz there's so much there. its hard to
see it all. (agree with the *squints at map* comment).

summary: its an interesting map and looks not bad, but its not my type
Ibaara (09/14/2008 12:22pm):
Meta Rexy (11/29/2008 05:59pm):
Kindle, Sami, Lash, and Sensei are sooooo going to pwn this map...
When you add fog Sonja, and grit get a lot worse as well...

I don't like maps with 14 players because there's always dropouts.
Good, close quarters combat map :)
Thefishdude (11/30/2008 06:07pm):
Thx dude, but yeah, this map was one of the first few 14 player maps that were ever here
in AWBW.
I think mines was the second 14-player map here.
Kruegster (12/22/2008 12:13pm):
*Consider moving Crystal's base by the mountain.* Its a well made map, but I think Crystal
and Purple are too close to each other. Crystal has a base 6 spaces away from purple's
capital, and there is a mountain gaurding Crystal's capital. So Crystal has an advantage over
Gigalink (12/26/2008 10:49pm | Edited: 12/26/2008 10:50pm):
Well, I really want to edit this map to fix PL and some other problems, but my map is so
popular that ppl keep making games on it! I don't mind though since many ppl like my map.
Kruegster (01/03/2009 05:35pm):
Yes, it's a good map; though if you would like to edit it you can unpubish it even if matches
are being played on it. This will stop new matches from starting, and then when the current
games are done you would be able to edit it.
mc pabo (01/28/2009 06:56pm):
Never heard a man speak like this man before
Ultra Super Duper Noob (03/05/2009 11:04pm):
lash... kindle... sensei... ... kindle... koal... kindle... kindle... lol
Falconewing (03/24/2009 06:05pm):
BD is at a big advantage here. And Center Countries are screwed. Terrain heavy and city
Kindle pwns here.Uglllyyy....
RANDOM 4!!!!!!!!!!!
Falconewing (03/24/2009 06:05pm):
Wow my 3 didnt change the rating!
hibyhi18 (04/13/2009 07:06pm):
make an alliance of three sami kindle and max
sami can take out capitals quickly while max and kindle just kick @$$ in forests and close
the geust (03/01/2010 06:51pm):
Oh my god URBAN BLIGHT will crush this map
loli1234 (03/03/2010 07:05am):
oh i'm sorry about this i'm just a noob about this and i don't know how to start it~~
Agalyz (06/28/2010 07:53pm):
when we goint to star this fuckin game

TheTacticsMaster (09/02/2011 09:43pm):
Hey is the person still alive who made this map?
MAX FORCE (09/13/2011 10:24pm | Edited: 09/13/2011 10:26pm):
Yes i think by 90/100 percent that hes alive and still online.But BH has a disidvantige
because its surrounded by three countrys.Same thing with YC but i do give credit to make a
14 player map just like me but i am fixing it.


Nyvelion (02/17/2012 12:08pm):
This remains one of the best 14 player maps on this site. I didn't know we had 14 player
maps in 2006, I thought that came later, maybe this was just the first then.
Madd Maxx (07/30/2012 01:48am):
10/10 but i wish there were either seaports or airports...but not both. BBut as a "land uit
only" map it couldnt be better. Disadvantage being in the middle but whatever. its a beautiful
map. Good work!
Rockoe10 (08/22/2012 11:18pm | Edited: 08/22/2012 11:19pm):
I think the map is great. It isn't perfect, it has some disadvantages for many of the
countries, BUT its also a 14 player FFA! Its well put together and a fun map. I will
it an 8/10

EDIT: And personally I love Forests. I'm a big fan of Fog of War and forests make
for some interesting fun.
Kanbei as Cyan (07/30/2013 09:45am):
Hello! I'm Kanbei as Cyan.
Ignorance (07/30/2013 08:32pm):
Actually, it's fair.

If someone drops out, the people in the center have the best chance of taking the
proprieties, however if none drop, the people on the out side have the better chance, but
only for the first half of the match until one of the middle nations becomes too powerful
through taking all the surrounding nations.

All in all, not every game is fair, but in general it does a damn good job of keeping it
interesting and fair with lots of possibilities.

Defiantly worth a 9/10 for the effort put in and the talent of making the map itself.
Nyvelion (02/12/2014 12:05pm):
Hi Kanbei. I am Lash as Grey Sky.
Thefishdude (01/03/2015 04:05am):
Hey everyone! This is Thefishdude, creator of The Fight of Fourteen Nations. I definitely wasn't expecting
people to play this map for this long after it's creation! I haven't been actively playing in this website for a long
time, but for some reason today, I decided to just log in once more. I am alive and well and still love all thr
advance wars series! So a little bit more abput the map...the main reason why I made the map is because I
wanted to make the first 14 player map in all of awbw. Unfortunately, I got beat by one person, but it was still
the second 14 player map ever created! As for the design of the map, I intentionally wanted it to be asymmetric
and full of action! I knew that the map would definitely not be perfectly balanced, but due to the spontaneous
nature of the map and the possibilities with making alliances, I feel that it was a worthy tradeoff. At the time, all
I saw was just a bunch of maps that were symmetric, which is fine and ok and balanced, but can get boring
and tedious seeing those type of maps over and over. Asymmetric maps run the risk of imbalance, but with the
chaos of 14 players, I hoped that it offset most of that problem. I'm hlad to hear that many prople enjoy my map
and I hope people will continue to play and have fun battles in it! Anyways, thank you for playing my map! -
Nyvelion (02/19/2015 05:33pm):
Yay! He came back! : D
the-deadly-shadow (05/10/2015 02:23pm):
He even came back once more at 04/07/2015. He is not playing games anymore. Maybe he will
read my comment. I agree with the fact that assymetric maps are nice. Games on this map
are highly determined by those players who do not play. I mean those who get booted.
Thefishdude (06/29/2015 02:37am | Edited: 06/29/2015 02:38am):
Guess what? I'm responding! With 14 players it is normal to expect a lot of boots because of how long it takes
before it becomes your turn again. Then again, I'm sure the people that play on it are prepared for that. As far
as games, I haven't really played much since I have other responsibilities in life to deal with. I always seem to
check in here every once in awhile for some reason. Maybe it's because it is the first site I've ever registered
to. I first registered on this website when I was 11 if I remember correctly. Ever since then, I've used
Thefishdude as my username for many other websites. As far as asymmetry, I like thinking outside the box and
thinking of other ways Advance Wars can be played. Sometimes it works sometimes it
doesn't, but I like rolling the dice!
pen (11/22/2017 02:50am | Edited: 11/22/2017 02:50am):
This map plays very well. Although I wouldn't recommend it in fog,
the high number of players naturally buffs out a lot of the
asymmetries, especially in the almost inevitable event when
someone randomly resigns or gets booted.
Headphone (01/02/2018 05:34am | Edited: 01/02/2018 05:34am):
This isn't the best or the most balanced of maps, but it's one of the most iconic casual maps
on the site.
toku (07/12/2018 09:14pm):

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