AW2 Spann Island
Creator: JeredCain || First Published: 07/21/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 15x10
Categories: None
Rating: 5.71 in 17 ratings
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amthc356 (07/21/2006 06:17pm):
great, another Spann Island...
nyvelion2 (07/21/2006 11:43pm):
This is... what, the fifth copy of this exact map?
Bradley123 (07/08/2008 01:59am | Edited: 07/08/2008 01:59am):
almost sad...

Béorgit (11/25/2008 12:29pm):
You ppl overlooked the river! This might change a lot...

MIGHT change a lot!
Kruegster (01/28/2011 09:45pm):
Not going to add an FTA counter?

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