Mountain Rumble, Forest Scramble
Creator: Where no one knows || First Published: 07/25/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 15x12
Categories: Casual Play
Rating: 8.58 in 19 ratings
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Where no one knows (07/25/2006 06:27am | Edited: 07/25/2006 06:40am):
Okay, Map number 3 in my 1V1 series. Airport can't be reached in two turns due to
mountains, vehicles will be mostly center based, control of your airport is key as it allows
you to traveerse easily and deal damage, don't forget your comm tower, you'll need the
boosts, and protect it! Tcopters everywhere!

Please leave comments if you rate. I have a ten and people will probably think its a self rate =/
x0_000 (07/25/2006 06:58am):
It's fine and balanced, if not uninspired.
Where no one knows (07/25/2006 07:28am):
Yeah lol, wasn't really meant to be epic, just a small map to have some quick games on, I
was bored :P
sirfuxalot (07/25/2006 10:12am | Edited: 01/16/2007 08:35pm):
Better now. Still a bit small for the airports. 9/10
Where no one knows (07/25/2006 05:53pm):
Your assuming BM goes to capture first turn, he can move towards the center if he
chooses, or build a recon on any turn, as if you rush the center you can't send in much of a
force, thus the recon breaks the capture, its just all how you play.
GaoGaoStegosaurus (07/26/2006 09:10pm):
I give it a 10/10 because this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for: a map with 1 tower and
airport per player and enough open space to operate.
Where no one knows (07/27/2006 06:18am):
Okay, map editted to reflect the center's needed change, this provides the batles, but
without the "whoever gets there first gets both" scenario, htis will be the final version/

....wait for it...

eatyo (06/09/2007 01:29pm):
this is cool!
too bad i cant join.
rast2 (03/21/2008 10:55am):
The extra starting city just increases FTA; map would be more balanced if ti were neutral.
also it would be nice if the airports were 2 or 4 squares farther from each other.
Overall not a bad little map
Meta Rexy (07/30/2008 04:25pm):
Good map. :)
I'd like it if you added an extra base or something near the comm towers but I guess this
works. :)
9/10. only problem is that the forests are sorta clustered.
Xmo5 (05/01/2017 02:27pm):
Moved to Casual Play.

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