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Europe at war (Design Map by VonCross)
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Rating: 5.82 in 17 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
VonCross (08/07/2006 01:41am):
World War Two what if scenario.
I felt we needed a good ground forces heavy Europe map, Don't even bother writing any
thing about first turn advantage, I know its there but I dont think its unstopable. Admitably
the Maginot /Siegfried line is difficult to recreate as well as the battle of the Atlantic, but to
me this looks to be a fun map for the serious wargamer. Intended teams should be obvious,
Its too bad there is no way to keep people from dropping out as one of the allies deciding
they don't want to play anymore would make this game completely unfair. Ah yes before I
forget F- France!
Cao Cao (08/07/2006 02:40am):
Looks very good, but the Normandy beachead is a bit to threatend by OS
Sake2me (08/07/2006 03:40am):
Have you played Axis and Allies Europe? Kool map don't see much action coming out of
Italy. Are the neutral territories ( Ireland Switzerland ) really necessary?
gunner1138 (08/07/2006 06:31am):
I would complain except that you told me not to so I won't.
Makar (08/07/2006 08:51am):
I joined as Russia.
I'm so dead.
You could have represented Russia's terrain advantage better, I think. Given them
chokepoints to hold off the Germans, etc
6/10, BUT only cos of FTA. (yeah, you said don't whine, but nyah)
jhuni (08/09/2006 08:44pm):
Maybe good historicly but not for acasully playing.
Janusmarine (08/31/2006 11:24am):
I think russia could use more infantry, if I rember correctly they had the man power but
not enough military equipment. Of course they will still get run over but that way they
won't get beaten so quickly
VonCross (09/22/2006 09:04am):
'Actually' while playing it I have found that the russian front bogs down rather quickly
regardless of the terrain, the infantry slow the advance down while Russia can build the
support it needs, the biggest problem I have seen is that one of the allies drops out and
leaves the rest hanging in the wind. I feel the choke points are there in the russian terrain,
the vast steppe and plains in the center could and do spread out the attack and afford
places for ambush/ infiltration. How can you Judge without playing it? Gather your stones
and lets do battle.
Harmony Bunny (10/16/2006 12:27pm):
That's bad.
Punintended (06/17/2007 11:38pm):
This map lacks a critical detail- In WWII, the Allies actually outgunned the Axis in
Europe but were overrun by excellent German tactics. Compare with this map, in which the
mainland is essentially handed to OS due to a freakish FTA and their lack of decent
basing. There's nothing fun about being steamrolled by some guy just because he goes
first. Also, Mass Damage = not fun. 3/10.

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