Eye of the Hurricane
Creator: Thefishdude || First Published: 08/14/2006 || Players: 14 || Size: 39x40
Categories: None
Rating: 7.77 in 108 ratings
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Thefishdude (08/14/2006 04:59pm | Edited: 08/15/2006 06:56pm):
DO NOT COMMENT OR RATE!!! I'm not done!
A nose (08/14/2006 05:38pm):
COeagle (08/14/2006 08:16pm | Edited: 06/01/2007 02:25am):
comment lawl

LuminescentSword (08/14/2006 09:13pm):
My god some idiot already gave this a 1...
nyvelion2 (08/15/2006 07:14am):
I don't see why some people can't wait and are making comments before the map is done.
Thefishdude (08/15/2006 05:56pm | Edited: 08/15/2006 07:32pm):
Everybody who rated it a one and posted useless stuff:

it has the "DO NOT COMMENT" thing in it.

EDIT: Almost done! Just hang on everybody! I'll get it done by tomorrow.
Thefishdude (08/16/2006 07:10pm):
OK Guys, done! Post your opinion about it!
amthc356 (08/16/2006 07:48pm):
some of you need to learn how to read
YC, BM, and RF have a bit too much land
jhuni (08/16/2006 08:00pm):
Seriously dont make maps with people all in random areas.
LoneMidnightWolf (08/16/2006 08:06pm | Edited: 08/16/2006 08:09pm):
Well I don't understand how it just seems uneven for some of the people. Some are in the
middle of the action while others are backed off and just laying back... seems a bit crazy
But since some idiots messed up with the rating and such and since its not a 30x20... I
give a 10/10 to help fix the rating and such.
jhuni (08/17/2006 12:20am):
You have no clue what balance issues are? this maps in no way balanced 5/10
bubles (08/17/2006 04:27am):
I'm sorry, I'm a new player and I have a question... When are we going to start the game?
Mad cow87 (08/17/2006 05:21pm | Edited: 08/17/2006 05:22pm):
It's ok. Just make sure when you make the map that it's balanced.
Thefishdude (08/17/2006 05:26pm):
For some reason, I add too much properties on my maps.
It's probably because I like battle high in funds.
Khan (08/26/2006 12:50am):
Great Map!
jhuni (09/07/2006 09:21pm | Edited: 10/25/2006 06:41pm):
This post was to sarcastic for most people to understand, so I'll just delete it.
Athrosu (09/08/2006 06:43am):
BD has a whopping ten starting properties, OS has seven, GS has five. Very unbalanced.
Pyrranha (10/05/2006 09:25am):
Way too many bases. It'll likely turn into a dropfest.
Tempest79797 (10/13/2006 11:49pm):
jhuni (10/25/2006 06:42pm):
Ya everyones been saying that it's unbalanced =/
sirfuxalot (10/25/2006 08:44pm):
Didn't this map used to be better?
Coyerre (10/29/2006 03:30am):
Alsoif you don't want people rating and commenting, wait until it's done before publishing it.
recreon (11/26/2006 05:29pm):
In my opinion way too cluttered. I hate maps like this because they make you lose your mind
LuminescentSword (11/26/2006 06:36pm):
Coyerre (10/29/2006 06:30am):
Alsoif you don't want people rating and commenting, wait until it's done before publishing

You can't unpublish 14 player maps and then republish them.
Awes (11/26/2006 08:15pm):
i like cluttered maps...it adds to te mayhem
COeagle (06/01/2007 02:24am):
A lot better. 9/10!

Too many ports and the number of bases are seemingly high... but that's ok. Just fix the
ports, and you've got yourself a perfect map.
Riukken (06/23/2007 11:15pm):
+2 Decent terrain variety.
+2 No chokepoints, I am too distracted by all the properties.
-1 Too many properties, fix the amount of ports and bases.
twinblade (08/06/2007 03:29pm):
Ugh, way to much stuff. Get rid of half the ports and bases.

Also, does no one understand the disadvantage that comes with centralized position? AB,
BD, RF, PL, and GS all have bad centralization issues, with BD having it the worst. The
center island is okay, because each of the three is roughly equidistant from the other
two. All the other islands need to have the number of players reduced to 2, since they
are going to be more linear battles.

Even disregarding that, the properties are still not even close to evenly distributed.
jefx (08/09/2007 12:50pm):
AWESOME!!! this is really cool, except that brown dessert has an unfair advantage...
Lord-Pyro (08/10/2007 04:19pm):
some colours are much closer to eachother then some others
pink would be best choise as it has its neighbours the farrest away
Pedro The Lion (09/16/2007 12:53am):
you think BD has an advantage?! it needs the extra properties to fend of two fucking people,
use your brain then say something smarter next time
Hemskinator (11/24/2007 11:40pm):
Great use of all 14 Armies.
REXY_ZE_HERETIC (12/14/2007 06:26pm):
BD is too strong
what gives? They get a freaking missile on top of that.
Raider00 (06/06/2008 04:27am | Edited: 06/06/2008 04:27am):
This map REALLY depends on the players, and nobody dropping to keep it even...

Way too many ports, too many properties period...
Nibbles On Marshmallows (07/20/2008 02:53pm):
OS or BM will win.
Thefishdude (12/22/2008 08:57am | Edited: 12/22/2008 08:57am):
Not necessarily, neighboring countries make it hard for them to expand further than their
Falconewing (05/25/2009 12:02pm):
This map is to dependent on players..And OS or BM or teh guys hanging with 1 enemy wil
win. Fail I guess for this kind of map
Desklamp (11/04/2011 11:07pm):
Very nice map, with care given to compensating the countries with several neighbors. 10/10!
Nyvelion (02/17/2012 04:43pm):
I agree, 10/10
Master49 (05/21/2012 07:16pm):
Well made. Balanced or not, makes for an interesting and unique game. Press alliances would be
very good, and should solve most of the unbalance issues, as well as adding that spice that
fuels AWBW. 9/10
Madd Maxx (07/25/2012 03:12am):
10/10. not symmetrical. not boring. has sea. has air. great job! yeah maybe there are
disadvantages at certain places but just makes it more of a challenge. Thats all.:)
SoulCrusherEx (07/25/2012 06:42pm):
wow someone could make a 3v3v3v3 game top left Team A, the center Team B, Top Right Team C
and Bottom right to bottom center Team D. i didnt play on it but i guess it would be a
long and cool match i like it 10/10
NeonTurtle (08/19/2012 10:23am):
This is a great map!! i hate all the symmetrical maps that focus on an even match! Its more
interesting when the terrain isnt like a chessboard cuz thats not how this game is suppose
to be played! although i have to agree quite a bit too many ports and bases... I like how it
involves a lot more strategy when the map is uneven and unsymmetrical!! Great map! 9/10
mrbananas8 (04/24/2015 06:00pm):
Every player except for the center island players has access to a com tower. Why no
towers for the center island players? In the long run once each island has a winner, the
center island champion with no com towers will have to face a border island with up to 4
com towers.
datwill310 (07/28/2017 12:23am):
wow someone could make a 3v3v3v3 game

There are 14 armies.
What were you planning to do with the remaining two ;)?

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