Duck Guardian 2
Creator: nyvelion2 || First Published: 08/17/2006 || Players: 3 || Size: 31x31
Categories: Toy-Box
Rating: 7.44 in 9 ratings
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nyvelion2 (08/17/2006 06:26am | Edited: 08/17/2006 07:46am):
This map is based on a little known NES game, "Duck Guardian 2", a game where the
player, as Ron Planet, must guard ducks as they walk to the end of the level.
This map recreates level 2-2 of that game, with Ron Planet as an OS MegaTank, and the
duck as a CI penguin, because penguins are basically ducks that can't fly.

OS and CI should be teamed against GE, and FOW should be ON. CO ban's should be
brokens + Sonja, Sensei, Sami, and Sturm.
Dokan (08/17/2006 06:29pm):
Wow, these actually kinda seems fun to check out some time but whomever is IC is going to
feel like a mule.
oomouwmouw (08/20/2006 09:26pm):
I'd just have everything fall back right around the GE hq and wait for the OS megatank and
dukkie to come along, then kill them.
Evil Mastermind (08/10/2007 03:57am):
That would hardly be sportsmanlike now would it?

Duck Guardian 2 looks like an interesting game... lol
Alathon (09/25/2007 08:32pm):
OS needs a APC. The mega tank will run out of fuel before it even gets halfway and forget
about amo.
Nyvelion (10/20/2007 01:48pm):
Yes, OS will run out of fuel/ammo... unless it moves to a city... >>
demonhands (02/02/2008 08:01pm):
This is a really cool concept. Shows you can do a lot with pre=deployed maps. However, I
feel OS is slightly disadvantaged. I guess yr just trying to recreate the difficulty of old NES
games lol.
Another thing I would do would be to have the duck be an OS infantry, or vice versa (make
OS into CI).

Or you could give CI another 2 ducks, to make him more brave.

nirial1991 (06/02/2008 09:58pm | Edited: 06/02/2008 10:00pm):
Unfortunately, i am of the mindset that no one wants to Backtrack with the mega tank, just
to refuel the damn thing, not to mention the fact that it WILL run out of ammo very
quickly, meaning that any heavy enemy tanks will be free to destroy it whilst it makes a
desperate grab for a friendly city.. A neotank would have been a better replacement.A
really, really good
idea that falls short 4/10
AfterImage (06/16/2008 05:12pm):
Make multiple Hq's so the enemy doesnt know where you are going to attack, add apc for
previous reasons and it would have earned a perfect 10.


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