Creator: felix45 || First Published: 08/21/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 15x15
Categories: Casual Play
Rating: 6.33 in 15 ratings
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daytonausafan (09/10/2006 03:55pm):
felix, hey you took holyduck's concept....i know holyduck in real's cool, good map, but i
don't understand why those black bombs are necessary
Megaa (09/10/2006 06:43pm):
The black bombs, being that they belong to an army not on the map, will vanish and cause
the airports to be unable to refuel/heal air units.

Pretty good map.
felix45 (09/11/2006 07:25am):
what mega said.

I may as well say this before everyone repeats the question.

so, the FAQ on my map begins

Q - what is the point of the airport that refuels only?
A - no more point than a city, except maybe on the rare occasion you want to build an air
unit and refuel one without an APC, you now can.

@daytona - er in the title it says based on 14 player map, I dunno who made that but I did
say I based it on 14 player map, so whoever made it is getting some credit.
jhuni (12/07/2006 10:27pm):
Not a bad map, but in your terms it sucks because of base heavyness. 8/10
benbever (01/30/2007 09:51pm):
That's a pretty good map, and fun to play on.
Base heavyness isn't much of an issue, only 3/15 (20%) are bases, plus 1 airport.
The battle is well spread out over the map.
Only thing I don't like are the useless airports, why include this?
jhuni (07/07/2007 06:32pm):
Ya I think it deserves a 9/10 like benbever said, it is just felix seems to be the one strict on
base heavyness when he came in and berated my old map.
DuelStriker (07/29/2007 11:20am | Edited: 06/27/2008 03:39pm):
edited, since you changed it :)
felix45 (06/17/2008 10:40pm | Edited: 07/16/2008 10:17am):
nvm :)
rast2 (08/22/2008 12:51am):
why are the wrong kind of maps being added to fog league? :(

hint: if it has a lot of forests and choke points that means it should be LESS of a
candidate for fog.

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