The Obligitory World style map.
Creator: Mr. Snack || First Published: 08/21/2006 || Players: 1 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical, Joke
Rating: 5.97 in 37 ratings
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Mr. Snack (08/21/2006 03:50pm):
What is this? You say this isn't the world? Well eat GLOBAL WARMING, LOSER.
Woelzy (08/21/2006 03:53pm | Edited: 08/21/2006 03:53pm):

It could be the world after all those AWBW games everyone has played on it, as well! Too
much black bombs, I suppose. ;)

nyvelion2 (08/21/2006 05:44pm):
I actually wanted to do this a long time ago, but your way of presenting it is hilarious! XD
ID s Maps (08/21/2006 05:58pm | Edited: 08/21/2006 05:58pm):
Very nice Mr. Snack. If only people would listen to video games......tsk, tsk, tsk
Hideki (08/21/2006 09:10pm):
so.... who wins?
nyvelion2 (08/22/2006 09:55am):
OS does, becuase of unfixed FTA
amthc356 (08/23/2006 02:53pm):
unless RF is Sami and gets VM on day 1.
Patashu Mapmule I (08/27/2006 05:09am):
Excellent. 10/10
GaoGaoStegosaurus (08/30/2006 09:52am):
Snack, I demand to know how you managed to deploy Subs in their Hidden state on maps.
Mr. Snack (08/31/2006 03:51pm):
sirfuxalot (12/09/2006 02:03pm):
I'm considering remaking this but to scale to the actual earth now that I can make
infinitley large maps.
Tyrael (10/11/2007 07:57pm):
Lol future
Kitez (12/13/2007 01:12am):
eek where is my beach house o.o
Ducky (02/10/2008 11:36pm):
Make a couple of cities on spots that would normally be mountains to make a sea battle
lordliam (09/05/2008 06:45pm):
the map with the most win ever :D
Reylly (12/20/2009 09:26am):
waait... this IS wrong.

What about atlantis!!??

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