12P - Immigration (Teleport)
Creator: el_B || First Published: 08/23/2006 || Players: 12 || Size: 39x40
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay, Teleport Tile
Rating: 8.57 in 95 ratings
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IndirectDragon (08/23/2006 05:00pm | Edited: 08/23/2006 05:21pm):
wow.......this is now the greatest immigration map there is
for the reasons stated below
el_B (08/23/2006 05:04pm):
There always have been a thing I didn't like about the way I had to make Immigration maps.
Players always had the choice between only two or three bases at the beginning. Now, with
the "new" 0MP "Teleport" Tile, players are able to really choose their staring position.
Why 12 Players you ask? Because I wanted to do 12p.

There are a lot of bases and it's pretty clumped at the shore, but, oh well, it's 12p. I
suggest you play in teams or try some diplomacy like thing, with players secretly forming
alliances during the game.

And I put Pipes around the HQs this time, because single sea tiles looked awful. : /
jhuni (08/23/2006 08:07pm):
Do not play in FOW no matter what
moondemon (08/24/2006 07:44am):
I must spent so much times to play on this map

>_< ugly boy with ugly map

that is terriable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LuminescentSword (08/24/2006 06:01pm):
Awesome. Now protecting your T-Copter is actually a pretty big deal.

Vash (08/25/2006 01:04am | Edited: 08/25/2006 01:08am):
Corners get the disadvantage of fewer options... but the advantage of fewer enemies.
EDIT: Those are Teleport tiles?
twindragons (08/26/2006 09:08pm):
oooo interesting. 9!!!!
oomouwmouw (08/27/2006 12:34am):
I have no ideas how those teleport tiles work...

but what if someone decides to teleport their infantry to an hq later on in the game?
el_B (08/27/2006 10:27am):
They can't. The teleport tiles just act as a 0 MP tile, which means that units can travel
over them without losing MP.
gunner1138 (08/30/2006 01:39pm):
I always wondered why there were black squares on the map preview, now I know!
xeniox (08/30/2006 05:27pm):
That's pretty cool.
golden_cow2 (08/31/2006 02:02pm):
One thing I don't like: The little bases halfway between the corners and the HQs. They get
no advantage at all.
Pyrranha (09/13/2006 09:03am):
Fantastic map. Incredible.
jhuni (09/23/2006 12:10pm):
LMAO so many people put FOW on this map even though its imbal
Username314 (10/16/2006 03:56pm):
Yeah FOW and teleport tiles don't mix.
RDS (10/18/2006 01:59am):
COSturm (11/01/2006 04:29pm):
Wow 10/10
Gunfighter (11/03/2006 05:50pm | Edited: 11/03/2006 05:51pm):
if three Armys gang up on one army, and so on, those three would win.
If the others didn't catch on fast enough.
COSturm (11/15/2006 02:59pm):
Awesome map! 10/10
THE_Chosen_One (11/26/2006 12:44pm):
All i have to say is....10/10
Warlocksinsanity (12/06/2006 02:50pm):
Great map protecting the T-Copter is a lot more challenging let me say that shall I? 10/10
Kirby131 (12/10/2006 02:48pm):
How do u play?
Ardax (02/25/2008 05:17pm):
Just wondering, How do you make 0 mp tiles?

Guerrero_aguila (03/01/2008 02:13pm):
khdou (04/15/2008 09:57pm):
ah, at first glance, seems like an interesting map. however, looking into it, there is WAY TOO
MANY PLAYERS. immigration maps should have a limit of 5 max, cause any more, and ppl
will be booted off. take for instance, the first game played on this map. half the people are
already kncoked out, and the game is still going now. but, whats the most important part? It
started in SEPTEMBER and is only on DAY 7!! that totally ruins the aspect of this multi-player.
Although the map is well-designed, what we're really looking for when we rate, is the
effectiveness, and 12 players reduces the rating drasically.
sellout2154 (04/23/2008 02:55pm):
Very, very clever. I've always wanted to do something like this on DoR.
nirial1991 (05/31/2008 11:29pm):
Promises to be lots of fun.
etham56 (08/04/2008 02:28pm):
how do you place warp tiles?
rocycooli (08/04/2008 04:07pm):
im the first time here whta i must do to play this map???
mrapex (11/05/2008 06:54pm):
rocycooli go to the chat
dragoneye776 (02/19/2009 10:29pm):
lol there's no airbases! that t-copter is gonna be the most important unit.
Falconewing (02/25/2009 06:17pm | Edited: 07/10/2009 06:56pm):
If some players leave their coptas and infantries unmoved, stalemate!And when missiles and
indirects come, they just teleport away???/......
yeeaahh uhhhhmmm

Darth Hawke (07/21/2009 08:46am):
Don't be a fool, Falconewing. It's mostly in FOW, so the T-Copter can't see where the
Missiles are, so they do not know where they're going to be hit.
Falconewing (07/21/2009 11:31am):
altzan (10/21/2009 09:23am):
I have trouble with this map, it won't move my chopper for some stupid reason -_-
Set path doesn't work either.
chrisdaboss (10/28/2009 09:06pm):
how do you place warp tiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CompleteDuck (11/15/2009 10:47am):
you need to create the map in notepad^^^
cousinmark (12/20/2010 05:35pm):
is it to be that there is no possible way to capture HQ's?
晓浩君 (02/28/2018 09:17pm | Edited: 02/28/2018 09:18pm):
I can't understand you
knocklok (04/14/2018 02:17am):
theres a bug in this map
wolf_71 (11/05/2018 07:29pm):
The black tiles are buggy on this map. If you travel too far, you get a
white screen. It would work better if the countries were scattered
around the map instead of relying on the black tiles.
PWNHAMMER247 (11/09/2018 05:04pm):
PWNHAMMER247 (11/09/2018 05:04pm):
Yoshikage Kira (01/24/2019 09:25am):
Number 1 victory royale.

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