1:1 players map
Creator: KOUTTI‚Q || First Published: 08/26/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Sprite
Rating: 8.89 in 27 ratings
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Stuffman (08/26/2006 10:11am):
Playable, BALANCED sprite art map? Instant win.
golden_cow2 (08/26/2006 12:20pm):
Isn't there a glitch that if you change your country color you can claim all those properties?
GDIblakdragen (12/13/2006 12:54pm):
What's it a sprite of?
Monkey666 (12/13/2006 01:50pm):
i believe it is kirby with a fire crown and fire coming out of his mouth
thrax13 (06/03/2007 07:57am):
PC, AB, OS, GS, TC and RF can't do a thing! it's just GE VS CI.
DuelStriker (07/19/2007 09:22am):
That's why it's a sprite map! Duh!
Kiyobi (07/19/2007 12:06pm):
Fire Kirby.
The_Starasp (07/20/2007 10:06pm):
rofl awesome ~tenned~
ninja-star (12/28/2007 09:37pm):
sweet kirby....10
KyogreStar (01/20/2008 01:43pm):
Nauraph (11/06/2008 12:50am):
I actually really like this as a playable map.
Streuselsturm (03/26/2011 01:35pm):
whats the purpose of all those bases... they just make the map load longer :/
blozzee (03/28/2012 09:32am | Edited: 03/28/2012 03:49pm):
Kirby?...looks more like a couple of gay parrot huggling each other >_>
Nyvelion (03/28/2012 11:33am):
Sucks to be Teal or Grey, they're a bit weak compared to the others.
IPS (04/27/2015 07:17pm):
Best sprite map I've seen, it's even playable!! 10/10!

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