Toilet Flush
Creator: peter91 || First Published: 08/27/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x20
Categories: Casual Play
Rating: 9.35 in 34 ratings
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x0_000 (08/27/2006 02:52pm):
Freezie (09/22/2006 09:09am):
It has quite too many chokepoints, but the map has a nice concept *flushhhh*
peter91 (09/22/2006 11:43am):
Well, I think that the airports should solve the chokepoints quite effectively. Also if both sides
have a comtower, you'll both have extra firepower. Last, the bases make sure that
eventualy one side should win on the chokepoint.
randomizer (09/27/2006 08:04pm | Edited: 09/27/2006 08:04pm):
Javier owns with both com towers...Hence, his 5/6 victory record
Ice_Punch (09/30/2006 10:47am):
royal flush:9/10
sirfuxalot (11/16/2006 08:08pm):
I've played on this map a few times. It's excellent, except for how easy it is for CI to
rush to the middle.
Paul.Power (11/17/2006 12:04pm | Edited: 11/17/2006 12:05pm):
"Javier owns with both com towers...Hence, his 5/6 victory record"

*looks at main CO stats page*

Interesting how Javier doesn't get used that much (548 games) but when he is used, he has
the best win ratio of all, at 1.21 wins for every loss.

Also fun to note that Sensei has a better win:loss ratio than any of the broken trio
(although Grit is very close behind), given he's my favourite CO.

Random place to post it, I know, but hey :)
sirfuxalot (11/19/2006 05:20pm):
People ban broken COs...
Warlocksinsanity (11/28/2006 03:30pm):
Very nice Javier owns from what I hear...for two reasons if he has both com towers it
greatly affects the outcome and the other reason is because of all the chokepoints people
will typically use indirect units against the opponent due to direct units not being able to get
through as easily 9/10
sirfuxalot (11/28/2006 03:48pm):
Indirect units are hardly ever used on this map, at least not when I'm playing, because
there are lots of air units flying around.
isuck (11/29/2006 09:03am):
Deaninator (12/22/2006 12:12pm):
Why 2 infantry to counter FTA? Is there a rule on the number of infantry you need or
sirfuxalot (12/24/2006 10:57pm):
No. It's just whatever works, and it kind of does in this case.
Riukken (06/21/2007 05:30pm):
+2 Greatest terrain variety I have ever seen.
+2 Some minor chokepoints in the middle but other than that, there are hardly any.
+1 FTA counter.
DuelStriker (07/13/2007 06:27pm):
It's okay, but I've seen better. 7/10
oomouwmouw (07/24/2007 01:20pm):
Taking the middle pretty much wins the game because it allows you to outflank the other side.
Saige Counsul (07/28/2007 05:08am):
Good map. A winning strategy would be to build a crap-load of infantry and swarm the
base opposite of your HQ, while at the same time going after the two airports nearest your
HQ and the COM Tower on your half of the field. If your a real over-achiever (and your
opponent is a nube who doesn't quite understand the capturing phase, you can try to
capture the above-mentioned facilities on your opponent's side of the map, grabbing all the
cities you can along the way.

mrapex (05/15/2008 09:32pm):
DuelStriker (07/13/2007 06:27pm):
Its not my map 7/10
DuelStriker (06/17/2008 11:00am):
mrapex (05/15/2008 09:32pm):
DuelStriker (07/13/2007 06:27pm):
Its not my map 7/10

What? Just because I don't like the map that much, you assume that it's because I think my
maps are better?
Falconewing (08/27/2009 10:13pm):
blanci1 (07/16/2011 06:47am):
it is amazing how important points are so easily overlooked ...
First the comment "it has quite too many chokepoints " literally made me laugh aloud,....
thats like saying i have got quite too much money! The problem of chokepoints is only
when they are few in number obviously.
Second, There have been 87 games, yet the real issues seem to have been overlooked. It
looks like an interesting map with a variety of gameplay features. Worth looking into...
im gonna do a test.

Red11 (04/01/2014 01:18am):
This classic map should be in the Hall of Fame map category.

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