8P - Doubled Immigration
Creator: el_B || First Published: 08/30/2006 || Players: 8 || Size: 39x40
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay, Teleport Tile
Rating: 8.19 in 32 ratings
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el_B (08/30/2006 03:31pm):
Yet again another Immigration-Map. And again, with 0MP tiles. But this time, there are two
islands to conquer. Will you take the risk and try conquering both at the same time or
concentrate on one Island, take control over it and then burst through the Pipe Seams and
conquer the remaining half?
Thanks to the 0 MP tiles, every player gets to freely choose a starting position.
I know, the center looks messed up, but a) I wanted to have a connection between both
parts, b) it shouldn't be passed at early game stages (Hence the Pipe Seams) and c) I
tried to avoid stalemates there as much as possible.

As always, teams, CO bans (Besides the obvious broken ones) and fow are up to you, though
four teams with two players each (ffa maybe to a lesser extent also) might become a
mini-tournament of some sorts (Two teams on every island battle it out and both winners
will then fight against each other)
I P Freely (09/11/2006 03:35pm):
I like it! Most immigration maps looks impossible to finish, but this one looks doable. 10
golden_cow2 (09/23/2006 06:57pm):
Those bases closet to the pipes need something extra. Not only does it take multiple turns
to reach, but they have a central position so they're being attack from all sides.
ColdFocus2 (08/20/2007 08:56am):
The middle looks fairly easy to blockade a passage. Maybe the holes should be smaller.
ColdFocus2 (08/20/2007 08:57am):
Unless that is what you wanted.
Fate 6 (03/02/2008 12:37pm | Edited: 03/05/2008 04:35pm):
the only way to get to the islands is with the predeployed t-copter?
Oh, wait, never mind...
tikitai (02/18/2009 09:40pm):
lol! love this map!

and it look like a DS!
Falconewing (07/28/2009 08:24pm):
ichbinsehselber (07/25/2016 05:14pm):
like most immigration maps there is FTA
Nyvelion (07/26/2016 10:25am):
I don't normally care much for immigration maps, but this one is particularly well done.
Have a 10/10.
SontoFM (01/21/2018 10:09am):
Teleport tile?
Surto (02/02/2020 06:46am):
You're gonna have a bad time on this map if you don't ban rockets.
lacking sleep (03/21/2020 05:08pm):
very glitchy

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