It just DOESN'T END!
Creator: Snack || First Published: 09/02/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 2x1
Categories: Joke
Rating: 5.61 in 18 ratings
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Snack (09/02/2006 09:23pm):
Zoot Suit (09/02/2006 09:24pm):
SimaMatt (09/02/2006 09:24pm):
Bowwy (09/02/2006 09:37pm | Edited: 09/02/2006 09:38pm):


VIH (09/03/2006 02:31am | Edited: 09/03/2006 02:32am):
This game can end, BM can supply OS to death by letting the infantry drink the gas :D
yep, that's it
golden_cow2 (09/03/2006 07:06am):
Sami might win. She can fill her COP gauge to boost her infantry's attack power.
Mr. Snack (09/03/2006 12:27pm | Edited: 09/03/2006 12:28pm):
Sami SCOP infantry vs. APC = 15%, so only if they get lucky they'll do the 2HP that will
instantly get repaired.
amthc356 (09/16/2006 05:50pm):
are you people blind? GE's bombers can easily beat OS and BM.
IndirectDragon (09/16/2006 06:51pm):
what about sensei super?
Mr. Snack (09/16/2006 07:13pm):
Drab Emordnilap (09/16/2006 07:27pm):
What about Jugger super? Or Von Bolt?
Mr. Snack (09/16/2006 09:15pm):
Jugger = Possible 90%
Drab Emordnilap (09/20/2006 02:06pm):
Or Rachel, even.
TTH (10/01/2006 06:07am):
Just kidding. But COP are avalable here, making OS's victory possible. OH NOES!!1!
Stuffman (10/05/2006 04:33pm):
INCORRECT! Luck is affected by defense! Even with Nell the most luck damage you can do at
once is 60%, and you won't be able to SCOP frequently enough to kill it!
eatyo (06/14/2007 09:01pm):
FunkyChunk (08/11/2007 03:36pm):
ACCORDING TO THE DAMAGE CALCULATOR, Jugger can do 60% during his SCOP and 20% normally if
he (it?) is really, really lucky.

If you can get your SCOP charged up and bring the APC down to 4HP (Will be healed to 6HP)
and then consistently do 20% damage to the APC every turn until you get your SCOP all the
way charged up again, it is possible to win!

At least, supposedly.
DuelStriker (10/28/2007 08:24am):
Or, You could get extremely lucky with Jugger's SCOP and completely blow the APC away...
Seriously, I've destroyed a Megatank with an infantry as Jugger before...
Alathon (11/03/2007 04:43pm | Edited: 12/03/2007 10:35pm):
Or just use Rachel's SCOP, drop the APC to 1 and then "hopefully" finish it off.
DuelStriker (12/29/2007 05:07pm):
Wouldn't Rachel's SCOP also bring the infantry down to 1HP?
Ducky (03/06/2008 07:52pm):
wouldn't collin be able to win eventualy?
zywxn (04/08/2008 04:25am | Edited: 06/10/2008 04:08am):
Why didn't anyone think of Sturm or Drake? Sturm's meteor strike or Drake's tsunami and
typhoon might work
and then after the meteor the infantry attacks
and the apc is dead

Edit:sturm damage isnt enough, drake damage added isnt enough
sturm plus sturm teamup is enough if only the infantry does 2 hp damage isntead of 1
Ian_the_pro (10/19/2008 02:06am):
colin scop
LordSeraphes (01/09/2010 02:12am):
Precisely. If OS keeps attacking the APC while OS has Colin, his meter will fill up and by then
he might have around 15k or so... enough to destroy the APC.
Nehh (08/31/2010 10:51pm):
Ban Grit.
darkspear101 (11/27/2010 12:38am):
the only way to possible do this is to get absolute max funds with colins super power and
maybe kill the apc
funkytown (01/09/2011 07:22pm):
^ that.
What if you used rachel SCOP? wouldn't that be -9?
Eligitine (10/31/2011 12:02am):
And a -9 to the inf as well. But an Andy tag would work.

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