7 vs 1 Mega Fortress
Creator: NuclearDinosaur || First Published: 09/06/2006 || Players: 8 || Size: 39x39
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Rating: 6.93 in 14 ratings
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NuclearDinosaur (09/06/2006 12:13pm | Edited: 09/06/2006 12:14pm):
My first map, a 7 vs 1. I think I may have overdone the central single army. Comments are
golden_cow2 (09/06/2006 12:44pm):
Well, I think there are a few too many production properties, or atleast ones that you
start with. It would also be nice to have more property to capture out in those middle areas.
TarquinMitzi (09/06/2006 12:52pm):
I agree with cow, needs more neutral property to catch, and you might make more bridges to
the middle
NuclearDinosaur (09/06/2006 01:27pm):
Ok, I added neutral properties for the team of 7, and more bridges leading to the pipe seams.
Patashu Mapmule I (09/06/2006 02:13pm):
Awesome name.
Megaa (09/06/2006 02:26pm):
More terrain variety. I know you've got trees in there, but it looks planned. Add some
sporadic mountains, or something. :P
NuclearDinosaur (09/06/2006 04:58pm):
I did add a few sporadic mountains, and the trees are planned... =P

SandSkin (07/17/2007 10:19pm):
Good map, yet shouldent Teal have at least have one com tower? With your allies having at
least one com tower each they will easily take over the Teal army. Considering the army will
still give out some difficulty invading for the pipes it will still make it an unfair advantage dont
you think?
pheonix4720 (08/13/2007 10:22pm):
I think the huge army and pipes and production property number balance out for com towers.
not to mention teal could just plow north and grab the coms up there. I think ill wait to play on
this map before I rate it.
kevmauldin (09/20/2007 12:23am):
Yay for sensei(if sensei = teal)!
Scebboaliwiw (11/30/2007 12:07pm):
Wait a minute...that a swastika?
ace of roses (12/08/2007 03:34pm):
If you look closely at the roads yeah it is!
kevmauldin (02/01/2008 12:21am):
Teal Galaxy+ Sensei + Super CO Power= Mech Spamx Multiple CO Powers = MASS
JJEmpire (02/01/2008 03:51pm):
ha! I aim to defeat your Mech army, Kevmauldin! I will fight to the last!

(I'm fighting him on this map)
demonhands (02/21/2008 02:17am):
Swastikas are everywhere, theyre superabundant in AW maps. The question is, is it the
Swastika of Life (Hindu) or Death (Nazi, reversed)...
Stinky (03/03/2008 08:54pm):
Why isn't this 8 vs 1?
everok (03/04/2008 06:34am):
secret nazi map! must play on it
Musha_Gundam (03/04/2008 07:51pm):
Yea this was a good map and looks very fun. The name is cool too. How'd you come up
with it.
zywxn (04/27/2008 06:17am):
isnt the buddist sign a swatstika too?
this looks like a very nicely designed map, im gonna make a similar one myself!!!
Five Fingered Fury (04/27/2008 07:36am):
The swastikas are probably unintentional
JJEmpire (06/12/2008 08:03pm):
me and Ludwig just defeated Kevmauldin on this map.

so much for his "MASS PWNAGE" mech army. to counter Sensei on this map: use Eagle.
Tyrantboy (07/28/2009 09:19pm):
Swastikas are in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism
CO_Raven (04/15/2012 07:19pm):
Teal Galaxy gets slaughtered unless a bunch of the others get booted. Simple as that.
Disadvantage in funds, production, terrain, and space.
...... (04/15/2012 10:57pm):
teal galaxys only advantege is to head north and capture the bases and divide the two
armies up their
FlameSKY (04/20/2012 02:42am):
Ban Javier!!! Or TG will win easily!
Master49 (05/07/2012 01:23pm):
Played tested. The Central Player has too few properties. Short of Javier, and managing to
get the top two com towers, the middle player has not won a single game. Add more
properties to TG (perhaps 8-10) and that balances it out a little more.

Otherwise, a failrly good map, perhaps a little bleak on terrain but fun nonetheless.

Erniewan (07/06/2012 08:23pm | Edited: 07/18/2012 09:44pm):
Yeah, I'm TG and I have waaaaay too little money. Unless all the players idle out, there's no way
TG can win. Give TG more properties, and easier access to the outside. Put a few bases near
the HQ too and a few airports near the exits.

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