Tea, break-
Creator: grizly-sword || First Published: 09/08/2006 || Players: 11 || Size: 27x17
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Rating: 2.48 in 40 ratings
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grizly-sword (09/08/2006 01:47pm):
A rather open map, (relatively compared to my others) no airports (good or bad) Need
coment on the Housings, balance, and The Naval (ports) (no reefs)

Heartless (09/08/2006 03:21pm):
Even if it's a FTA counter, PL as a big advantage. It can get to the big funds faster, along
with GE. BM and CI are gonna kill each other and TG will get destroyed by PL or the winner
of BM vs CI. GE is too far away to do anything except get killed once PL gets the "Middle"
oomouwmouw (09/10/2006 11:29pm):
lol PL FTW!!!PL FTW!!!!
ColdFocus2 (05/29/2007 10:51am):
Wow think Jess with those Megatanks!
wrathleader (05/29/2007 03:02pm):
im thinking kambei *shudders*
DragonKnight (05/30/2007 01:23am):
You guys got it all wrong.

Think of Adder. XD

[/end joke]
PWNR (06/01/2007 04:33pm):
Green earth is going to crush purple lightning

there is no way to do this without teams
jhuni (06/03/2007 06:44pm | Edited: 06/03/2007 06:44pm):
I had viral gastroenteritis a few weeks ago. I was puking my guts out.

I puked ever more then ever before after seeing this map!!

Delta Squad (06/04/2007 09:13am):
The map's no good yellow comet doesn't have an infantry much less a land unit...
twinblade (06/14/2007 08:59pm):
Ok, so YC is completely screwed, for reasons stated above.

GE can rush north with fighters and squat on bases. PL has no way to get em off. Then
they're completely screwed.

YC will do lots of damage to the naval units, RFs black bombs will deal huge damage but
their bases are toast. Maybe CI is your best bet to actually win it.
grizly-sword (01/16/2009 11:35am):
Kensan (01/17/2009 12:31am):
alamech (01/17/2009 10:19am):
yeah, carnage of time
Zinco (01/18/2009 02:12am):
RF will win anyway, they are already with infantry near HQ and there's no unit to combat them.
DK Master (01/21/2009 12:43pm | Edited: 01/21/2009 12:44pm):
your lucky i gave a one if they had it i'd give 0.00000000000000000001
Drakodan (01/30/2010 09:57am):
You are the worst mapmaker on AWBW.
Nyvelion (01/30/2010 10:54pm):
I'll break your tea if you make another map like this.
Nyvelion (08/15/2012 11:45am):
Finding this comment 2.5 years later... oh yeah, I'm hilarious.
Nyvelion (09/12/2016 08:17am):
Still hilarious.
pen (11/23/2017 03:25pm):
Can confirm that it's still funny.
pen (11/23/2017 03:26pm):
I have a feeling that a 30 year old pen will still be doing this.

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