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8-Bit Question Mark and Mario (Design Map by Sylux)
Categories: Sprite

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Rating: 8.64 in 25 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Sylux (09/08/2006 01:19pm):
It's a me, Mario!

I used this pic as a guide:

The bottom was supposed to have black tiles as well, but it didn't work out. :(
Last Edited on 09/08/2006 01:33pm
golden_cow2 (09/08/2006 01:48pm):
8. I'd do 10 if Mario was hitting the block.
ykplaw (09/08/2006 02:39pm):

i give 10 if mario and luigi were fighting to geter
Last Edited on 09/12/2006 08:21am
LuminescentSword (09/08/2006 02:42pm):
lol black space

I gave it a 9.
Dokan (09/08/2006 06:20pm):
Wow... just wow! 10/10.
Patashu Mapmule I (09/09/2006 02:21am):
As accurate as can be (except for the bottom black tile line but that isn't Sylux's fault)
DivineNecromancerZL (09/16/2006 04:07am):
Good job. I like how Grey Sky's HQ is neatly camoflaged in there, I was looking for it for the
longest time, hehe.

Naval Captain (10/01/2006 01:18pm):
Holy crap.

(Number unimaginable)/10
Kody (11/03/2006 05:51pm):
That's F***** Awesome, I was once a huge Mario fan, but i've gone onto Sonic, (Mostly
because Mario was repeatedly fighting Bowser again and again and again, while Sonic kept
getting new rivals). My favorite video game character is Shadow the Hedgehog. You should
try to make a map of him.
Falconewing (05/12/2009 09:09pm):
How do you put tele tiles?
Nyvelion (04/23/2014 09:04pm):
I like the black.

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