2p Final fight
Creator: Heartless || First Published: 09/29/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 15x15
Categories: Casual Play, Base Light
Rating: 5.93 in 15 ratings
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amthc356 (10/13/2006 06:29pm):
lol, chokepoints
jhuni (01/14/2007 12:19am):
-1 Overly base heavy, 10 bases on this size of a map? Take off 4.
-1 Chokepoints, this map is mainly structured with them.
-2 FTA, fix this and the map will be good.
DuelStriker (07/11/2007 09:51pm):
Ugh! The roads!!! ONE WORD: KOAL KOAL KOAL!!!
Nyvelion (07/28/2007 08:22am):
That's three words. You are right though.
BearTrap (10/05/2007 12:09pm):
Why is this A ranked?
Heartless (10/05/2007 04:51pm):
Bacause this is a fair and perfectly playble map?
Tyrael (01/12/2008 11:30pm):
Because Koal is underplayed despite being broken.
Ducky (02/10/2008 11:04pm):
I think bases were over removed. I only see 2 in each corner now. Replacing 2 cities with
bases would probably help.
Tyrael (03/31/2008 11:24pm | Edited: 04/01/2008 04:16pm):
It seems very basic and all the roads make it look busy in the center. An airport would help
too. Moved from A-rank to Noteworthy.
Falconewing (07/23/2009 09:52am):
Two bases....
Riem6894 (11/03/2009 07:46am):
Does no one see the swastica here?
nickdown (01/06/2010 03:15am):
my gf saw the swastika.
JoystickHero (01/20/2010 06:11am):
I didn't, but now I do.
ramdalucksta7 (06/09/2011 04:45am):
I can't believe there isn't a single mountain on this map.
walkerboh01 (10/04/2011 09:06pm):
Ha no mountains, that's pretty funny. Anyways, I think the corner airport positioning is just
terrible, and the center is probably a little bit too closed off for good gameplay. This is a 7/10 for
me now, but depending on how much those airports ruin everything, it could be a 6.
Nyvelion (08/21/2012 09:37am):
Why does only Amber get the 3-way roads?
Charleslie (01/06/2014 05:19am):

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