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Ringworld (Design Map by Belgain Roffles)
Categories: A-Rank, Teleport Tile

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Ratings go from 1 (awful) to 10 (near perfect).
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Rating: 8.52 in 29 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 6.00 in 1 rating
Melon (09/14/2006 02:33pm):
xeliaong (09/14/2006 02:36pm):
LuminescentSword (09/14/2006 02:46pm):

*good map*
golden_cow2 (09/14/2006 06:25pm):
I know its too late to change, but I would have put property in the big black parts in the
midleft and midright.

10/10 though.
Kamuscha (01/14/2007 07:39pm):
I know its too late to charge, but I should have put property in the big black pants in the
midcleft and midnight. 10/10
Where no one knows (05/28/2007 03:14pm):
only problem I can see is with the FTA counter, its possible for BM to rush OS's base near
the black tiles, might not get noticed in FoW. But i'd likely go for the base as OS and see the
inf mid capture, so no biggie, still a 10
Agentomega (06/20/2007 11:18am):
why does bm always start off w/ 1 extra unit? Like every map w/ a 1v1, bm or some team
has 1 extra unit.
Deaninator (06/20/2007 06:53pm):
It's called an FTA counter.

dooey100 (06/23/2007 01:47pm):
For people that are too lazy to type it up themeselves, you should make the TXT file
available for other people to use.
Hydralisk24 (12/18/2007 11:26pm):
This is actually a name to a book too >_> Good Sci-Fi if you're into that stuff.
Last Edited on 12/18/2007 11:27pm
blanci1 (02/25/2008 11:37am):
I like the terrain and basic idea. However it all seems to hinge on racing to the
middle/betweeny factories, so id call it a Critical Opening Map. Or maybe not!!?? has anyone
played through or tested it yet? i think ill reserve judgement and give it a go fist.
Tyrael (02/28/2008 09:56pm):
You might want to cut down on the starting funds.
blanci1 (03/06/2008 09:40pm):
OMG, im actually playin on this map in fog and have suddenly discovered the physics of that
blackness... which i had previously thought was just decorative !
Now the name figures, and the high ratings. Im playin in permanent snow..which slows
everything down a lot i guess.
Tyrael, do you mean to cut down on preowned cities?
I think preowned cities and starting funds are great... gets the game moving faster, and limits
the usefulness of spamming. I dont understand why they are not used more often at awbw.
Promethes (04/06/2008 11:51am):
Is it possible to make the black loop-tiles in days of ruin, or any -real- advance wars,
for that matter? If not, that's a shame, this looks like an excellent map!
blanci1 (04/28/2008 05:12pm):
the important thing that newbies like me need to know about those stretches of black hole
tiles is not just that its a passage but you cant see or shoot through or acrooss it --and the
way its implemented in this map it has a massive entry and exit surface area !!! so its just
impossible to block, making spawning COs (particularly Sensei) impossible to beat on this
map since he gets his CO power real soon and gets FREE infantries on all his cities and
soon theyre flooding through across thae blackness...... not only that but unlike with AW on
the DS, here at AWBW he is NOT limited to 50 units and gets way beyond that....its
suffocating. One can cope against Sensei on other maps, but hes absolute ruler here.
EchelonThree (08/12/2008 10:38am):
Sensei is banned anyway
Falconewing (07/26/2009 10:41am):

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