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What Black Hole SHOULD Have done. (Design Map by Snack)
Categories: Joke

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Rating: 5.48 in 73 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Snack (09/16/2006 05:00pm):
Woah, BH might actually win for once!
amthc356 (09/16/2006 05:51pm):
no, BH can still lose by rout.
nyvelion2 (09/17/2006 08:14am):
Now all Black Hole needs is some super weapon that will activate 9 trns after the battle
starts that destorys all of OS, BM, and GE, even though nobody will ever know why BH never
actually uses these super weapons before the allied forces reach them.
amthc356 (09/17/2006 11:05am):
it's because Lash inventing them summons the allied forces. Lash needs better inventing
Kiyobi (09/25/2006 09:11am):
If BH got a Javier clone for this bout they can't lose.
Last Edited on 09/25/2006 09:11am
jhuni (11/09/2006 12:31am):
BH can't lose to begin with, count the missiles... 32? How can you stop 32 missiles? lol
Freezie (11/20/2006 07:03am):
BH will probably have to get 3 recons and use lots of missiles to rape OS base in few turns

Then, BM and GE will fall with the resting... Uh... Freaking lot of missiles
saminku (11/21/2006 12:16pm):

Advisor Nick (12/03/2006 01:51pm):
BH is unbeatable on this map! and using a Javier evil clone or something is even worse!
BASEBALLFURIES (12/09/2006 03:30pm):
unless the non-bh team defeats the inside and then makes indirects to combat the top this is
overkill, since they cant win by hq capture either. oh and missiles
amthc356 (12/09/2006 03:39pm):
jhuni (11/09/2006 03:31am):
BH can't lose to begin with, count the missiles... 32? How can you stop 32 missiles? lol

using 3 Missile guard skills per CO. DUH.
gamewizard (12/09/2006 04:25pm):
lets see predeployed units+6 com+26 places to get funds+10 bases+4 airports at start+32
FRIGGIN MISSILE SILOS=The allied nations only chance to win is be resign/boot.

10/10 for giving hte bad guys the win for a change.
Co_Kristian (01/12/2007 08:59pm):
wow, in order to win this, you will have to somehow capture the 2 bases at the pipes end
and send pipe runners to destroy the other rockets. wow. this is a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fractal (01/16/2007 04:50pm):
It's a challenge to the allies, but if BH ever got a Grit clone, this is the map they
would have him on.. if they ever got the timing right
It could be worse if you have over the normal amount of funds then Grit could just spam
Piperunners, rockets, Stealths and APCs and hold the missles till the allies group a bunch
of their units
pandayanni19820409 (06/06/2007 06:20am):
extremely unballance
jhuni (07/20/2007 04:33am):
For your information there is no such thing as unballance.
lindsay40k (08/19/2007 12:13pm):
The Shifting Shadows (09/23/2007 08:33am):
^Is that really an issue? I mean look at all the Inderects BH has.
Genius (10/09/2007 09:32pm):
lol @ the impossible bottle neck
Billten (04/02/2008 04:58pm):
BH Tag of supervised Grit and Javier clones = Allied Nations instant surrender and cry
their way back to Advance Wars 1.
sulla (04/04/2008 10:42am):
I think the AW AI could somehow manage to find a way to lose this LOL.
IchigoKurosaki (04/06/2008 01:14am):
Black Hole should resign, that would make for an interesting map.
RipperX (04/09/2008 05:56pm):
dude, screw a grit or javier BH clone

just use KOAL!!!

cause he is BROKEN!!!!
Pedro The Lion (05/20/2008 11:13pm):
Are people actually saying BH can lose this?! What's this world coming to?! All that needs
to be said is 32 missile silos.... and cake.
nirial1991 (06/01/2008 11:34pm):
Can any reasonably skilled player (benbever, calling benbever) possibly win this against
BH? Do the mapmakers sit around and nod thoughtfully at impossible missions like this,
tell me for, oh I want to know.
zywxn (06/08/2008 07:24am):
this could be easily done:
ban infantry
it would coz a lot of argements from a lot of ppl but its the only way to stop the 32 missiles
mathblitz (06/27/2008 08:19am):
i wonder if even i could win as black hole because i SUCK =P
Last Edited on 06/27/2008 08:19am
Meta Rexy (09/25/2008 09:44pm):
XD This is the perfect map to test for idiots here. :P
10/10 for showing BH how it's done. XD
Meta Rexy (11/01/2008 09:17pm):
IchigoKurosaki (04/06/2008 12:14am):
Black Hole should resign, that would make for an interesting map.

Are you KIDDING ME? FTA FTL on this map if BH is gone. That's lame.
lovetocomment (02/06/2009 07:37pm):
win back (03/17/2009 03:19pm):
BH can't lose. Not even Flak could screw this up.

CowBrigade (11/01/2009 05:14pm):
You guys do know that this map has only 30 missile silos, not 32 right?
Nehh (08/22/2010 01:47am):
I'm quite sure Flak could, and would, screw this up. He just does, okay?
Sturm X (12/03/2010 07:17pm):
Sturm X (12/03/2010 07:18pm):
Nehh is right flak screws EVERYTHING up.
GAMEGY (04/09/2011 10:15am):
It seems certain that blcak hole will win。
pen (07/25/2011 08:07pm):
Last Edited on 08/09/2012 09:07pm
pen (07/25/2011 08:11pm):
there are 30 missiles, how does everyone manage to miss that?
Last Edited on 06/24/2012 07:18pm
Sturmortiis (06/12/2012 01:12pm):
Maybe they can get 8-Ball to cover the left flank, too.
matt888 (07/30/2012 06:33pm):
Use Grit to win
Nyvelion (09/27/2012 10:40am):
Do a barrel roll
The Loli Otaku (11/23/2012 04:13pm):
Bring it on.
the-deadly-shadow (06/30/2013 04:38am):
`1 Black hole starts with 26 maney generating properties and 6 com towers. South to the
pipes are also 26 money generating properties. Even if the united nations can capture all
those bases, they still have the comtower disadvantage
2 BH has piperunners, which ensures them to get some bases outside the pipes
3 BH has 30 rockets, so if they like to launch an attack they can just ruin the allied forces
and destroy al their remaining units with just light tanks.
4. BH fortres can only be reached bij a long thin passage. Which means that BH has a
extremely strong defence

conclusion: BH should make sure to capture some bases and send many tanks to the spot.
Fire rockets and destroy al the remainings, and capturing even more. Even if the united
nations got a comparable army and all properties in the south were givven to the united
nations this would still be unfair, becouse of BH stong defence and their comtowers.

Only if black hole would be max, they can possibly lose

This is an very unballenced map.
Bamboozle (01/24/2014 09:29pm):
Probably because it's a joke map :p
bbbbb (05/08/2014 12:48pm):
No! It's a very serious map! With very serious comments!
Veritech (05/08/2014 03:25pm):
Neotanker (06/21/2014 05:37am):
Actually, A Javier in the allied forces is already broken against indirect fire. So if he goes up and captures those com towers...

Nyvelion (08/17/2014 09:23pm):
How exactly do the allied forces get those towers?
Slazzy (02/05/2015 06:07pm):
It's a JOKE map.. See the category?: "Joke"
Slazzy (04/07/2015 08:58am):
Strange that 3rd most built unit is bcop
Slazzy (04/07/2015 09:00am):
You guys/gals cant count the missiles
Slazzy (11/16/2015 11:29am):
“A Javier ?”’
Last Edited on 09/07/2018 03:14pm
Nyvelion (10/06/2016 12:24pm):
A Javier is much better than C Javier.
Xmo5 (03/21/2018 12:38pm):
Yes, but nobody beats Z Javier, for he is z best.
Slazzy (09/03/2018 04:15pm):
Lol about counting missile silos
Slazzy (09/03/2018 04:17pm):
What or who is flifit ?’
Slazzy (09/07/2018 03:21pm):
“this could be easily done:
ban infantry
it would coz a lot of argements from a lot of ppl but its the only way to stop the 32 missiles
“Orange star, blue moon, and green earth still would not be able to win

“Unballanced ?”’ are you talk about the game Ballance, now ?’
Slazzy (09/07/2018 03:22pm):

.. I do not know that

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