Mcland's Feud
Creator: Mcgregor || First Published: 09/27/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 10x10
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Rating: 9.44 in 9 ratings
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Mcgregor (09/27/2006 04:41pm):
First attempt at making a serious map.
I wanted to make a small,quick-to-play map with few to no chokepoints. That was the result.
Alright,so this probally sucks,you may rate 1 if you like but please, give me suggestions
so that I can improve this map and the others that might come.
Thank you for your attention

jhuni (09/28/2006 09:24pm | Edited: 05/14/2011 01:43am):
lol it sucks? You greatly underestimate yourself, I thought the map was really good and I'm
not know for giving out complements.
Reasons this map has no significant issues.

-16 Properties in a 10x10 map is a near perfect amount 12-17 is the general idea though.
-This map was originally intent to have few to no chokepoints and the 2 chokepoints that
are on this map are to close to the players main bases that its no cause for concern.
-There are no centralized base issues in fact those bases are in the general area that they
should be not only does it give the player 2 places to fight over.
-Theres no city:base ratio abuse because after the natural cities/bases are secured
both players are getting 8,000 funds out of 3 bases meaning they cant pure mech flood.
-Terrain variety: there isn't even a single 2x2 clump so obviously the map exceeds at this.
-An extra infantry with 2 starting bases is pretty much excepted by all the experts on this
site as fta balance. Now you might think the map isnt balanced from the game we
played, but that was only because I was sami, and on a small map like this its a massive
advantage. Ban her and Sensei along with the obvious ban's next time you make a game on

10/10 I can't see any issues on this map.

Edit: fixed formating
Mcgregor (09/29/2006 04:28am | Edited: 11/21/2006 08:38am):
Thank you Jhuni.
Now I know that I can, indeed, make good maps.As long as I put effort on them :D
And I will ban Sami and Sensei next time,they really seem to be overpowered in small maps
like this.Thanks for the advice.

Oh... about the infantry spam...
I don't think I can solve that =(
I mean,nobody has come with a better strategy up to now.But I guess setting the funds to
2000/3000 per turn might help to get tanks and stuff into the battlefield if you're really
worried about that. Sorry,I really can't see a solution to that...

Giantkrow (11/10/2006 05:21am):
3 bases on a tiny map. It's all infantry spam.
jhuni (11/11/2006 12:34pm):
Thats AW, a infantry based game, but barely anyone complains about that, you just spam
infantry because they are cheap, and the unit used for capturing it's just how AW works.
Infantry being agreed as the most cost-effective unit, and all.

I've played on this map, it had a few: recons, mechs, artillerys, and such. heres a whole topic on it...

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