The Triforce
Creator: Doghealer66 || First Published: 09/29/2006 || Players: 3 || Size: 30x30
Categories: None
Rating: 5.25 in 4 ratings
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Doghealer66 (09/29/2006 08:01pm):
So I just had to make another map...This instantly came to mind. The Triforce. If you know
what it is, good, if you don't, it's not important anyway.

I made the field as even as possible, the same amount of properties on each triangle. I left
nothing out, I even compensated for the FTA.
jhuni (10/02/2006 01:32am):
why dont you make something intersting out of the extra space eh O_o
Zero_X_Axl (11/20/2006 01:30pm):
Blue Moon and Green Earth have 11 properties from the start and Orange Star only has 8.
Why is this?
tuvillo (07/02/2007 09:17am):
FTA, that. >_>
Ignorance (08/07/2013 01:00pm):
This, sir. Is NOT a true triangle. Good day to you.

/\ / 10
Nyvelion (02/19/2014 07:46pm):
Yeah, looks more like a square.

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