Kharaz Mountains
Creator: Marston || First Published: 10/08/2006 || Players: 14 || Size: 40x40
Categories: None
Rating: 7.29 in 7 ratings
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DrunkenSniper (10/10/2006 08:25am):
Needs a few roads. >_>
Otherwise, terrain is scattered pretty well.
Marston (10/10/2006 09:07am):
Added "a few" roads =O
jhuni (10/11/2006 12:09am):
Centralized imbalance, FTA
newbslaughter (10/17/2006 09:06am):
umm, im a total noob and have no idea how to play and i joined this game what do i do
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MagicJS (10/24/2006 04:49pm):
Missing base for BD, don't you hate it when that happens.
Marston (10/26/2006 09:20am):
Grah, you are right >_> I will edit it when the games are over
jhuni (11/02/2006 07:59pm):
OS has the advantage due to being in a corner area, and he has FTA, so he's going to be
attacked to a much lesser extent.
kilorodado (09/26/2017 02:58pm):
curious why you decided to have 2 airports near BD and GS, all others have only 1 close airport
Artamiel (10/11/2017 11:55pm):
That is because BD has only 2 bases so one more airport
Surto4 (04/28/2020 12:31pm):
the alphabet

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