Small island peninsula(T)
Creator: bamiyan || First Published: 10/20/2006 || Players: 4 || Size: 30x20
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 8.71 in 63 ratings
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jhuni (10/20/2006 03:57pm):
∏С₤ FTA balance, and terrain varietys 9/10
bamiyan (11/06/2006 01:26am | Edited: 11/06/2006 02:01am):
maq (04/19/2008 07:07pm):
Solid map 9/10
zywxn (06/08/2008 06:59am):
nice work
its starting to be very popular!!!
Zinco (07/01/2008 08:10am):
Is that a copy of Italy?

Nice map
blanci1 (07/18/2008 07:29am):
a great map which gets a deservedly high rating. It also takes the lead as the map with the
highest days per game average (23 days) from 8 games so far .... this shows theres no fast
racey win available and that its entertaining rather than boring so few early bootings etc. (
most good maps have only 10-14 days ). Of course shorter games can be entertaining too
so perhaps better to describe it as the most "engrossing" or something.
DJ-Moogle (09/03/2008 12:11am):
finally an awesome islands map that is way better than the same old boring switchback
maps! 10/10 in all aspects :)
Falconewing (06/09/2009 06:58pm):
May be impossible to win, but I like it. 10
Falconewing (06/11/2009 08:51pm):
Also, FTA counter not needed for this map.
Darth Hawke (07/29/2009 07:52pm):
Not really symmetrical. OS has a shoal at the bottom while BM doesn't have one.
joeyeltaki (08/27/2011 08:50pm):
I love this map!!! the game on it is so fun! FOW ftw
Nyvelion (02/24/2014 09:49pm):
I'm pretty sure that "island peninsula" doesn't make any sense.
Nyvelion (10/17/2016 06:32pm):
If it's a peninsula, then it's not an island!
IPS (02/12/2017 01:58pm):
Playing over it in fog of war, I notice it has some issues like that OS/BM peninsulas has
a way too many forests, which makes hard a really sucessful landing and too defendible.
The game ended in being as fun as expected, but less balanced than expected.

My final rate for this map is 7/10. A Good one, but not so recomended for Fog of War.
Meta Rexy (10/18/2019 05:50pm):
Too many forests is right. This map wasn't designed for Fog. It plays terribly.

Also there's a symmetry mistake. Blue is missing a shoal beside the two forests. This makes
attacking his corner base very difficult, and a logistical hell transporting units from there to the

But island defense maps are simply difficult to play on because naval combat is a drag in this

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