Creator: LOCKS || First Published: 10/20/2006 || Players: 12 || Size: 20x20
Categories: None
Rating: 2.74 in 19 ratings
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LOCKS (10/20/2006 04:13pm):
teams. everyone against orange star. a flood of mech againts a few mega tanks can they do
it lets find out.
jhuni (10/20/2006 05:52pm):
obviously not this maps just sad
Gunfighter (10/20/2006 06:06pm):
orange star has little chance to live, EXCEPT if the tanks run out of fuel.
A big, fat 2 out 10
Sylux (10/20/2006 07:45pm):
OS am cry.
oomouwmouw (10/20/2006 11:02pm):
I know what they can do! They can all get killed. The end.
SpeedDemon020 (10/20/2006 11:31pm):
OS needs at least 9 mechs per Mega...
MeowMaps (10/21/2006 01:39am):
At least FTA is countered...
RDS (10/21/2006 03:16am):
The other armies neer more megatanks, like 100 more.
punyinfantry (10/31/2006 10:41pm | Edited: 11/04/2006 05:59pm):
nvm. i think red can actually win. It depends on what the megatank team does. If one gets
separated from the pack and get surrounded by a swarm of mechs. Well...heheh.

isuck (11/01/2006 12:57am):
Is red on cities or bases? I can't tell...
Hans Lemurson (11/01/2006 06:08am):
Yar! Bases they be! This adds an interesting twist...
Can the Brave mega-tanks defeat a massive swarm of Mechs soon to ba bakced-up by
artillery? I guess it depends on whether labs can repair you or not.
jhuni (11/01/2006 02:59pm):
The labs are of no importance to this map. My rating for this map is 1/10
foxmadnes (11/15/2006 07:31pm):
well actually the labs do make an importance because if OS caprtures one they could build
mega tanks. And thus killing the other's chances...
Highlink (11/16/2006 07:06pm):
no way mega tanks can win cause red will just keep coming until tanks die
warhammer158 (11/20/2006 10:42am):
this has a bad nama and looks nothing like lotr
Advisor Nick (12/12/2006 03:31pm):
if those are bases, then OS is sure victory
Ultra Super Duper Noob (01/19/2009 06:54pm):
shoulda had the OS HQ in the corner for the "ring bearer", and had the megas have a base
Nyvelion (08/13/2012 11:43am):
What's the point of protecting the ring bearer if you surrounded Mordor with pipes??

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