1v1 no noobs.
Creator: WTFEGSSDFwtf || First Published: 10/20/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 10x10
Categories: None
Rating: 8.18 in 11 ratings
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WTFEGSSDFwtf (10/29/2006 01:22pm):
Please explain your rating's... 7/10?
punyinfantry (11/29/2006 04:53pm):
ban sensei, sami, hachi.
WTFEGSSDFwtf (12/07/2006 10:53pm):
Also ban grit, colin, and kanbei...
AbuDhabi (01/11/2007 07:52pm):
If I may be so bold, I would disagree with my esteemed colleagues. I see no reason to ban
COs - any COs. It subtracts from the gaming experience. So some of them are better at this
map than others - deal with it, don't select those who would cramp your style. That's all
that's needed. Imposing artificial limits is bad, mm'kay?
Deoxy Knight (06/03/2007 11:05am):
^Being an idiot is worse.
adder 85 (07/29/2007 12:50pm):
Deoxy Knight (06/03/2007 11:05am):
^Being an idiot is worse.

I agree, so stop being one and do something about it.
The Shifting Shadows (09/21/2007 05:57am):
You don't really need the extra bases here.
DuelStriker (10/24/2007 05:09pm):
That ^

And what's so bad about 7/10's?
WTFEGSSDFwtf (03/09/2008 05:32pm):
I really don't mind if my map has a low rating, if someone gives reasons for their criticism
though then that is something worth replying to.
DuelStriker (04/25/2008 05:20pm):
A 7 isn't a low rating...
Nyvelion (04/14/2014 05:47pm):
Yeah. Except on game review websites, if anyone still uses those.

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