Eight light(T)
Creator: bamiyan || First Published: 10/28/2006 || Players: 8 || Size: 30x24
Categories: A-Rank, Team Play
Rating: 8.42 in 84 ratings
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bamiyan (10/28/2006 12:33am):
jhuni (10/28/2006 01:25pm):
10/10 from me due to good team game balance, and nice terrain variety.
isuck (11/01/2006 12:59am):
Very nice.
sirfuxalot (11/20/2006 09:10pm):
The sea is a little too narrow I've found.
PyRo_VeX (11/28/2006 06:36pm):
NICE. I'm gonna create a game with this now.
bronze mesh (11/28/2006 11:12pm):
gd map good mix of terrian and bulidings should be a blast

i rate 10
Flamer (02/08/2008 05:56pm):
Nice one
Ducky (03/07/2008 09:03pm):
Who is OR?
zywxn (04/28/2008 05:41am):
Who is FR?

Only kidding, u made a typing error, i assume. OR sould be OS.
DuelStriker (05/02/2008 02:51pm):
OR clearly stands for "Orange Raddish"
nirial1991 (06/02/2008 03:00pm):
This, from my analysis, looks like it will be a huge brawl, once every nation has
air-forces to throw at each other in the center. 10/10
the shadow night (07/18/2008 06:27pm):
um lol are yall people playin?

Falconewing (08/22/2009 05:40pm):
Me like, but put a sseam on the pieps
bandito14 (09/21/2009 02:31pm):
Cute map
Eagle striker 53 (09/27/2009 04:18pm):
I enjoy teams and terrain variety, but the sea is a little narrow. 9/10
Falconewing (10/20/2009 05:38pm):
teams arent right
Meta Rexy (02/14/2010 12:56pm):
Map structure isn't balanced.
Also it would be nice if there was a land bridge at some point so that you aren't forced
to use artillery and landers.
DJ-Moogle (04/19/2010 12:13pm):
GS always gets screwed over by BH...
Erniewan (04/24/2010 11:35am):
I wish my team didn't screw me over...
zappdirty (03/19/2011 10:38am):
how do yu start a game on this site? I just want to play but so far this is the most acvtion I
have gotten
zappdirty (03/19/2011 10:38am):
how do yu start a game on this site? I just want to play but so far this is the most acvtion I
have gotten
zappdirty (03/19/2011 10:40am):
how do yu start a game on this site? I just want to play but so far this is the most acvtion I
have gotten
chapelclub (03/19/2011 10:34pm):
me too
Kruegster (03/20/2011 04:15pm):
I can help you zappdirty and chapelclub. You can join games under "Waiting (Public)" or
you can "Create Game" to make your own.

I will send you each a private message with a little bit more information on getting started,
and you are welcome to ask me questions-especially questions if you cannot figure out
how to join a game or start a new game.
Kruegster (03/20/2011 04:28pm):
zappdirty and chapelclub, here is a guide with information on the basics of starting (joining
matches, and making your own, etc.):

There are other useful guides to learn how to get started, make maps, know what all the
units do, and so on: http://awbw.amarriner.com/wiki/index.php/Category:Guides

Squadillah! (04/10/2012 06:22pm):
Looks like it will be a lot of fun.
Master49 (04/10/2012 07:50pm):
Good. A worthy battle can easily ensue. 10/10
Madd Maxx (08/19/2012 02:39am):
10/10 classic map
Nyvelion (01/29/2015 04:18pm):
What's with the triple post? More details to come in the second and third reserved posts?
I choose to believe this map is not done until those are updated.
IPS (11/03/2017 04:28pm):
Going to rate it lower than expected, while playing as BD my teammate playing as BM
started to spam senesless infantries blocking most of tiles in the fight vs RF.

Rating to 5/10 just because the funding at some of those sides is really frustrating (BD,
GS, BM and OS) while others are much better play in.

Old map with certain weak points but still fun if you have a good companion in any of the
previously mentioned sides.

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