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Fog map: Archeology (Design Map by EagleAndyMax)
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EagleAndyMax (11/04/2006 12:14am):
If you are wondering why Purple Lightning has another base to capture, the reason being
that it has less cover and can be attacked easily. I think that this map should be played
in fog and i think it would make a great game if Pink cosmos and Cobalt ice teamed up!
jhuni (11/05/2006 02:18am):
You could add some more reefs.
Hans Lemurson (11/05/2006 02:24am):
Reefs are the terrain of the sea. Without reefs, a naval battle is about as interesting a
an all-roads tank war.

Also, are you sure it's balanced? Cobalt Ice looks like they have better access to the
resources than the others.
Last Edited on 11/05/2006 02:25am
SpeedDemon020 (11/05/2006 03:09am):
Luckily black boats exist or it'd take forever to get off the island...
Jackie Milton (09/06/2015 03:39pm):
*Archaeology, pleb.

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