5p Fair?!?!?!
Creator: Belgain Roffles || First Published: 11/01/2006 || Players: 5 || Size: 39x40
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay, Teleport Tile
Rating: 9.09 in 33 ratings
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jhuni (11/01/2006 06:42pm):
Yes it's fair. An infantry perfectly balances a 2 base FTA, and the map has good terrain
variety 9/10.
Gingerbread Man (11/02/2006 08:11pm):
me like!
Zero_X_Axl (11/04/2006 02:52pm):
jhuni (11/06/2006 10:07pm):
There 0 movement terrain, so basically you just move over them instanteously.
Sleep (11/14/2006 07:10am):
How do you place them?
Belgain Roffles (11/18/2006 03:42pm):
2 cities missing, so unpublished for now.
Shadow Star (01/01/2007 06:28pm):
belgain, he can't, if it's unpublished then it can't be published again, thats the problem with
glitch maps.
Belgain Roffles (01/10/2007 06:14pm):
Wtf are you talking about? I unpublished the map, waited until games were done on it then
fixed it and republished.
Paul.Power (08/25/2007 06:08pm):
I'm not entirely sure why this is fair. BH still always go last, the fact that they
facing GE and YC rather than OS makes no odds. And the reverse is true for OS. I get
what you're trying to do, but the "second turn" sides for each section of the map still
need a starting infantry.
CO.Yu (03/19/2008 09:14pm):
there seems to be a glitch which you can put a unit on the pipe (0,0) by walking into the
black spots
SuperSnipe (07/24/2008 12:32pm):
Those we call: Piperunners... :P
ichbinsehselber (01/14/2011 04:50pm):
The map seems nice. But I agree with Paul Power. FTA counter is needed in each submap
Nyvelion (01/07/2013 11:01am):
Not if it's fair teams.

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