Max Blast
Creator: sirfuxalot || First Published: 11/05/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x13
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light
Rating: 8.88 in 16 ratings
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Sylux (11/05/2006 09:19pm):
We have a winnar. 10/10
Nahbien (11/06/2006 01:11am):
Might want to think about how GE will get slightly extra funding at the start, and how
recons can hit the neutral bases in 2 days, and how both sides can afford it day 2, yet
only one side can do that and also make another infantry day 1.
sirfuxalot (11/06/2006 04:29pm | Edited: 11/19/2006 05:24pm):
I guess I'll add some woods.

EDIT: I decided to move the bases a couple of squares.
jhuni (11/12/2006 01:13am):
I think what nahbein was impling is that the bases are somewhat overly centralized...
But the maps still good, 9/10.
DuelStriker (07/15/2007 08:45pm):
I like this. 9/10
sirfuxalot (07/19/2007 03:25pm):
But it looks the same as my other maps because it has water, right?
sulla (04/03/2008 07:41am):
cute little map.
mathblitz (06/30/2008 10:12am):
nice 9/10
DraconisMarch (07/27/2011 01:46am):
Lonely shoals.

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