Wraparound Globe
Creator: Narts || First Published: 11/09/2006 || Players: 6 || Size: 39x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 7.91 in 22 ratings
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Narts (11/09/2006 09:49am):
The wrapping effect isn't perfect, but the best I could do without sacrificing too much space.
Ecology Bunny (11/09/2006 11:21am):
Oh my God, the Earth is round...
legor17 (11/09/2006 03:17pm):
Excaliber (11/09/2006 03:21pm):
I was waiting for this, now it makes much more sense, although it is a little squashed.
Sylux (11/09/2006 04:10pm):
The world is round? LIEZ!!!!!1111111111111
jhuni (11/11/2006 04:15pm):
Teh world is roundabout, dis be 1 scintafical fact!!!111!!11!!!1111111 /sarcasm
Mr. Cannon (11/14/2006 05:12pm):
Amazing. 10/10
Pyrranha (11/15/2006 10:42am | Edited: 11/27/2006 08:29pm):
BM is gonna get crushed between RF and YC. Give 'em another base.

Comment edited for double emphasis. BM is the only country that doesn't have easy access
to a third base, while OS can nail four, possibly even five.
Dokan (11/27/2006 09:32pm):
Now boots won't be as significant since the distance between end countries has shrunk.
Warlocksinsanity (11/28/2006 03:34pm | Edited: 12/04/2006 04:23pm):
YC, OS, RF, and BD have 1 extra production plant then the other countries which is
extrememly unfair and is why they don't really have a chance but overall nice map 8/10

EDIT: I don't think I paid attention but maybe he edited it or if he didn't edit it its my eye's
Mantimus Prime (11/29/2006 11:40am):

they all start with 2. >_>
Mr. Cannon (12/06/2006 08:33am):
YC missing a base.
Narts (12/06/2006 01:27pm):
Look harder, the second YC base is in SE Asia. Although I'm not sure if this is good for
balance... seems to make things difficult for BM particularly.
jhuni (12/10/2006 02:15pm):
Doesn't look like the Earth, emphasis on South America/Austrilia.
srstarry (05/24/2007 02:41am):
shut up jhuni. 10/10
ColdFocus2 (06/04/2007 02:43pm):
Maybe blue moon should have access to one more city and make it balanced like the game
brandon_ridgway35 (06/27/2007 04:32pm):
how do you make blank spaces?

Ultra Super Duper Noob (03/02/2009 10:10pm):
BM cant really get a 3rd base... other than that great
superwarriorchampion (04/05/2009 02:05pm):
hbhfdlggfdl tfgh fbdf
Roareye (07/01/2014 04:53am):
OS, RF and YC can and WILL focus fire on BM from all sides. They're at a clear disadvantage.

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