2vs1 invasion
Creator: D-Day || First Published: 11/10/2006 || Players: 3 || Size: 30x30
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Rating: 1.10 in 10 ratings
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D-Day (11/10/2006 11:01am):
Obviously, this is a team battle. OS and BM must capture the enemy hq before the GE mech
captures their HQ.
satou (11/10/2006 01:46pm):
it's impossible for OS+BM to take GE HQ in 8 days...
SmileKZS (11/11/2006 10:17pm | Edited: 11/11/2006 10:18pm):
Use APC hop (cheap!)
jhuni (11/12/2006 02:09am):
You could atleast add reefs to your map to show that you put a fair degree of effort, and
work into it, so that it's a valubable map, but this map needs several changes, sorry.
MagicJS (11/12/2006 04:33pm):
Make the mech an inf, take out those rockets and ban Sturm. Then it may be possible.
jhuni (11/18/2006 02:40pm):
Even then all he'd have to do is guard his HQ for about 12 day's which shouldn't be that
hard because all he has to do is put a say a neotank on his HQ, and his oppenents
automatically lose, because it'll take a megatank several days to attack the neotank since
theres massive woods guarding it. Day 2 GE gets a neotank, and sends it toward his HQ,
and OS/BM will lose no matter what becuase of HQ capture...

This map needs major changes 1/10, GE always wins, and no reefs, sorry.
guffey (11/20/2006 03:36pm):
make the mountains at least 6-10 spaces longer. so its actually a fight, instead of a bum
recreon (11/22/2006 06:49pm | Edited: 11/23/2006 08:43am):
yeah, i am playing on this map now. At first i thought it was stacked towards OS and BM
cuz I didn't see the mech, but now it is going to be a sinch to win (I am GE). You should
lengthen the path to OS and BM's headquarters A LOT, and add one or two more bridges
connecting the two sides, so that GE has more areas to defend against. Also you might
want to consider putting an infantry in the way of the mech, just to spice it up a bit
kevmauldin (11/24/2006 12:11am):
take out the mech on the bottom and it'd be fair
Hans Lemurson (11/25/2006 12:30am):
With NO RESISTANCE from GE whatsoever, as in they rollover and PLAY DEAD, it takes 7 turns
for an OS Infantry+APC to reach the GEHQ and capture.

However, it only takes the GE Mech 9 turns to capture the HQ of whatever team is more of a
threat. If GE does anything more dangerous than SITTING AND DROOLING, the game is impossible.

Oh, and the map sucks. The features are too bland, there's no reason for it being 40x40,
and it's chokepoint-heavy.


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