Creator: The Republic || First Published: 11/10/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 30x20
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Rating: 9.30 in 10 ratings
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The Republic (11/10/2006 12:09pm):
Ain't no place like home
Cover your HQ but don't lose pace with capturing; and perhaps your opponent plans to drop
on your heavy production area...
Sylux (11/10/2006 12:16pm):
The Republic (11/10/2006 12:47pm | Edited: 11/10/2006 12:48pm):
@Sylux: slight adjust; is it enough? Y/N

Note also the BM infantry able to capture the city and that the deployed units counter
each other, discouraging using them for early rushes
sirfuxalot (11/10/2006 12:58pm | Edited: 11/10/2006 01:29pm):
I'd just altogether take out such expensive pre-deployed units, such as subs and carriers. I do, however, think It
would be cool to start out wiht copters and cruisers, just because of the whole transporting aspect. A cruiser can
kill pretty much any copter in one hit.
jhuni (11/10/2006 01:21pm | Edited: 11/10/2006 01:23pm):
I agree with sirfux alot. The cruiser b-chopter concept is a good idea, and everything else
should probaly be removed.

From that point you should move both HQ's 4 spaces closer to there orginal bases IMO,
because right now it could be a big issue, and then move both OS's/BM's predeployeds
back a little, and make a OS citie neatrul to further balance FTA.

That's pretty much all.
The Republic (11/10/2006 02:55pm | Edited: 11/10/2006 02:56pm):
Removed expensive units, moved b- and t-copters back, moved HQs 4 spaces back,
changed FTA counter to a pre-owned BM city - they now gain 3-turns worth of a city's
funds and a little more infantry progress over OS
sirfuxalot (11/10/2006 03:27pm | Edited: 11/30/2006 09:45pm):
10/10. If you're playtesting, let me know.

On the map analysis it shows that OS wins almost 100% of the time. This may have been
because of the players, but after 8 games you should be able to see whether or not the map
needs balancing.
The Republic (11/13/2006 01:29pm):
sirfuxalot: check your msgs or alternatively the forums
Mantimus Prime (12/03/2006 01:28pm):
*notices it's 30x20*

o_o This is SO going on my GBA cart. >_>

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