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Stone Bridge (Design Map by 5312)
Categories: Casual Play

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Rating: 7.89 in 38 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Nahbien (11/30/2006 09:03pm):
Nice layout, although I'd remove the neutral base near the HQs, or reduce the number of
starting bases so the bases per side is a bit lower.
Choconub (07/20/2007 12:26am):
nm i'm a dumbass
Last Edited on 07/20/2007 09:04pm
Deaninator (08/02/2007 11:27am):
Holy crap, that's a lot of bases.

Longshot007 (01/15/2008 12:27am):
How do i play?
Tyrael (02/28/2008 07:00pm):
Lots of overterraining in the corners...
And still too many bases.
Last Edited on 04/10/2008 08:57pm
Ducky (05/20/2008 02:50pm):
Out of curiosity, is this in any way based on the dungeon sige town?
blanci1 (06/10/2008 04:01am):
Interesting original map ... nice pre-deployed lander ( else naval might be too
expensive early on)
Last Edited on 11/26/2008 04:34pm
blanci1 (07/05/2008 12:12pm):
....the overterraining in the corners is just decorative and no problem? but there does seem
rather a lot of bases .... yet it has some of the best map statistics with an average of
over 14 days per game and no draws whatsoever.... maybe the high DPG partly comes
from being often used in leagues ?
Last Edited on 11/26/2008 04:36pm
Deaninator (07/19/2008 02:55pm):
The maps perfectly playable with 5 bases per side, it'll just mean massive infantry swarms lol
rast2 (08/11/2008 10:33pm):
The map is unfun, and if you opponent chooses not to resign, it takes forever to reach his
HQ. At least move the HQs up to the corners of the central area.
aeee (11/28/2008 09:11pm):
hi any any one

blanci1 (12/01/2008 09:20pm):
pity ... this map has been removed from leagues due to problems discussed in forums ...
please 5312, why not shift the HQ further up the board and remove one of the backward
bases .... leaving the lander side-door idea , maintaining the map geography and basic
philosophy . OK the map has had a good run in the leagues but i think if improved, it would
be good for the newish fog league.
Last Edited on 12/01/2008 09:24pm
blanci1 (12/08/2008 06:04am):
both Drake and Sami get +1 mp for the lander which due to to slightly fortuitous terraining
allows them to transport 2 units from the backward bases and unload them both at the side
of centre isle in one turn as opposed to 2 turns for other COs ..... this could be quite an
advantage ... though both these COs lose out slightly in other respects ... drakes copters
and air are weak, while samis fast capture and powers might not be so useful with only a
few contested central properties .... though spammy maps may favour Samis stronger
infantries. Other COs abilities are not to be scorned .. eg sturm can quickly just walk his
infantries from back bases across mountains and river. While with only one front Rachels
scop could be handy .., eagles powerful b-copters too. Surely theres enough doubt to make
this a worthy map. All maps are bound to favour certain COs over others, thats part of the
rast2 (01/13/2009 09:29pm):
Why is this still in any leagues?
Mafiasco (06/06/2009 09:19am):
i dont know. its not a very good map to be brutally honest
Rast (07/08/2009 11:54am):
this is awful

I blame smacky
Falconewing (07/19/2009 10:19am):
Put the ladner onn the base so it can reach the sea but not just be a couch potato.
airob (09/01/2009 09:20pm):
these maps are old, and most probably their makers arenīt around anymore
Xephogas (01/18/2010 06:11pm):
In this case I think the FTA balance is probably too drastic.
Last Edited on 01/18/2010 06:11pm
Pyrranha (03/08/2010 01:26am):
Despite its rating, I think my remix is better.
Tabitha (03/08/2010 11:46am):
umm...This map is better than yours now,I think.
DJ-Moogle (06/24/2010 10:26pm):
Lol first comment was in 2006.
knbys (07/20/2010 05:25am):
This map has long history:)
Nyvelion (12/05/2013 12:03am):
Probably because of the map id#

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