Creator: recreon || First Published: 12/06/2006 || Players: 3 || Size: 29x40
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Rating: 3.70 in 10 ratings
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recreon (12/06/2006 03:52pm | Edited: 12/19/2006 12:42pm):
Ok, so obviously it is red and blue vs green (or at least I hope it's obvious). Can green
(kryptonite), hold out long enough against blue and red (superman), for the mech to reach
one of blue or red's base, and even
out the battle? Please leave constructive criticism, this is the first model
of it, after a while I am going to take all this feedback and redo it.
Valet of Vitriol (12/06/2006 05:28pm):
The neutral port near GE is almost worthless. The neutral port near Blue Moon is locked in
by shoals.
sirfuxalot (12/24/2006 03:54pm):
Start with smaller maps if you want them to be balanced. I don't want to even start with
this one.
Mantimus Prime (12/24/2006 06:23pm):
You do realise GE would probably kick both OS/BM's ass without that mech, right? >_>
recreon (12/24/2006 07:04pm):
how do u figure that? After capturing all of the buildings near them, OS and BM have at least
1 1/2 times as much income. But anyway, any suggestions to make this map better?
Fractal (12/24/2006 07:40pm):
Besides all of the other things, BM is dead from the start because the mech can reach one
of their HQs in 14 turns, and OS is going to be captured eventualy, unless OS plays as
Grit and gets some Rockets to hit the Mountain Range on the bottom. My suggestion,
replace the bottom right Com Tower with a port, or/and replace the link from OS to BM with
unuseable ports or black tiles if ships can go over them
recreon (12/24/2006 07:51pm):
k thanks, I'll wait till all the games r done, and then make the changes
punyinfantry (12/24/2006 11:14pm):
OS and BM be olaf i think. OS may win with Sensei.

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