Spann Island A-Groove
Creator: Gunmetal Alice || First Published: 11/28/2006 || Players: 4 || Size: 33x23
Categories: None
Rating: 9.33 in 69 ratings
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Shadow Star (11/28/2006 04:38pm | Edited: 11/28/2006 04:38pm):
you know, unless it's a team game, it can be a draw, if OS wins their two fronts, and YC
beats their two fronts, then the game stops.

also, do we really need another spann?
Gunmetal Alice (11/28/2006 04:38pm | Edited: 12/17/2006 02:52am):
Hi all,

Yes... I know... yet another Spann Island map :-)

I created this map because I wanted to do a lighter version of the giant 4 v 4 Spann
Island map (because I really like the concept but, in most 8 players game, there always
are drop out, and in that concept in particular, even 1 person dropping from the game
completely wrecks the concept and the balance of the game... so there you go, a lighter 4
player game).

I also modified the original concept in the way I placed the countries...

Obviously it is a 2 v 2 map, Orange Star and Yellow Comet versus Blue Moon and Green Earth.

This time around, you'll notice that the OS-YC team starts on the south-west part of Spann
Island twice and on the north-est part twice as well... same for the BM-GE team (this was
never the case before as Team A would have ALL of its starting bases and HQs in the SW and
Team B would have ALL of its starting bases and HQs in the NE).

Also, the layout means that OS-YC gets the first turn advantage twice and so does the BM-GE.

In fact, the OS-YC team gets the FTA once as playing in the SW and once as playing in the NE
... and the BM-GE team gets the FTA once as playing in the SW and once as playing in the NE...

You coudn't do better to balance out the FTA :-D
Gunmetal Alice (11/28/2006 04:38pm | Edited: 11/28/2006 04:39pm):
It was always meant to be a Team Game :-) (no draw possible (other than through the "set
draw" method of course))
Shadow Star (11/28/2006 04:40pm):
i withdraw all comments except for the question about needing another span island map.
Lego X (11/29/2006 06:22pm):
i have no prob with it i like spann a lot

Gunmetal Alice (12/05/2006 01:06pm):
ummm... 10 after 5 ratings... then 8,5 after 6... that means I got a 1... (51 / 6 = 8,5)...

someone but really hate my map... (jhuni??)
roulio00 (12/05/2006 02:05pm):
jaime bien mais je te mets que 8 car c'est une reprise tu n'a rien inventé mais j'aime
bien le concept !
Gunmetal Alice (12/07/2006 04:31am | Edited: 12/10/2006 12:10pm):
who gave me another 1??? :(

EDIT: Had I not received the two 1s, my rating would have been at 9.2......... and I
didn't rate myself... :(
tnapp (12/10/2006 01:37pm):
i. love. this. map
Draymius (01/08/2007 07:56am | Edited: 01/08/2007 07:56am):
-puts 10 in an attempt to balance it-
ColdFocus2 (06/02/2007 08:41am):
I like the balance struck here. It is as balanced a Spann map as you can get with giving the 2nd player predeployed
units (which to me shows lack of mapmaking skills). So in my book this is a 10/10 Spann map. (How in the world
do you have two HQs? Is it set up where you only have to lose one HQ to die?)

In case you didn't see it. 10/10
Gunmetal Alice (06/02/2007 01:26pm):

Yeah, the AWBW mapmaker mode allows you to have multiple HQ and lose any one of them and
you lose. so it's interesting because you have to take care of both fronts because if you
focus too much on one, you are taking the risk of losing the entire game because you are
so weak on the other front
Admiral Palleon (08/03/2007 04:15pm):
wow very nice fighting on multiple fronts that are the same 10/10 for me
franken (08/17/2007 03:44am):
i like this type of map with 2 HQ for player, i had created one too but i must deleted
because all players hate it and anyone wanted to play it.
however 10/10
Inferno955 (09/09/2007 03:45pm):
Another 10, I made it rise 0.02 :P
Gunmetal Alice (09/10/2007 10:23am):
Thanks :p
Scebboaliwiw (12/15/2007 09:35pm):
What an intresting concept, I mean, fighting an enemy who's fighting your friend who's
fighting another enemy who's fighting you? Who would've thought of that or understood it,
this map get's a lot more intresting with damage COs (including sasha) and maybe grit.
Madman200 (01/05/2008 02:39pm):
I remember I got a 998 once on a Spann Island map.
Also, I prefer team games. Thumbs up to you. (Unless Austrailian)
Matt731 (03/05/2008 07:48pm):
wow, impressive. i wanna try it sometime. i just hope no1 messes up the team idea. im
gonna help you out with another 10.
Watchful_Eye (06/02/2008 08:23am):
LOL great :D
MS1 (01/25/2009 06:19am):
What about Grit?

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