Fair World Map
Creator: nahbien3 || First Published: 12/06/2006 || Players: 6 || Size: 81x50
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 8.76 in 228 ratings
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nahbien3 (12/06/2006 02:12pm | Edited: 12/06/2006 02:24pm):
Based off a map by sirfuxalot. Set funds at 1000-1500. Other than the standard bans,
Make sure you get Sensei and Kindle, as the amount of cities would be devastating.
Pyrranha (12/06/2006 02:42pm):
Not even one neutral base? Ouch.
Warlocksinsanity (12/06/2006 02:58pm):
One question: What's so unfair about benbever's world map its well thought out but at least
put a country on Antarctica I want someone to do that sooooo badly I can't fully exaggerate
the point. But overall you should have more countries battling and 2 more neutral bases
Nahbien (12/06/2006 03:01pm):
I wanted a low amount of bases to promote a more air/sea war, and the fact that a ton of
ground units makes it impossible to invade another country because they can easily clog of
the shores with cheap infantry.
legor17 (12/06/2006 03:08pm):
excellent work. but why are there two hq's per side?
amthc356 (12/06/2006 03:40pm):
how did you get this to be bigger than 40x40?
Advisor Nick (12/06/2006 03:49pm):
Increidble map! this takes much time to do certainly! 10/10
Mantimus Prime (12/06/2006 04:55pm):
Holy jesusing garbonzo crap.

That is fantastic. o_O
nerd-boy (12/06/2006 05:22pm):
That map is absolutely amazing! 10/10
Valet of Vitriol (12/06/2006 05:43pm):
Maybe Singapore got a little too much credit for existence...

I wish there were more bases, but otherwise, awesome^2.
golden_cow2 (12/06/2006 08:13pm):
So when did we discover this?
satou (12/06/2006 10:23pm):
you should put a "highway" of black tiles at the edges to simulate the "glove" :P
Sylux (12/07/2006 09:54am):
Needs black tiles to go from one side of the world to the other. :P
Mantimus Prime (12/07/2006 10:23am):
you can't.

They're not made by upload method, so you can't put in black tiles. >_>
Mr. Cannon (12/07/2006 10:50am):
must play now!!!
GDIblakdragen (12/07/2006 12:41pm):
Man, it must've been a bitch to make. So time consuming, but awesome end result.

u stole my kill! (12/07/2006 04:09pm):
Let see, US is tied down with fighting Brazil, Most of Europe has their hands full with Afica,
Australia is practically a fortress with Russia trying to invade. Yeah, so it's a 1o.
SmileKZS (12/08/2006 04:43am):
Well, you should have put black tiles to link the left and the right side (the world is round!),
though i've no idea of how to do it
Felix (12/08/2006 03:55pm):
i want to join but it won't let me be green earth?? does anyone know why that is?

and africa is to small, at least stretch it out a bit to much sea
shadow_ (12/08/2006 04:38pm):
shadow_ (12/08/2006 04:40pm):
umm btw is that meent to be Japan??? othere then that its a good map

oomouwmouw (12/08/2006 05:12pm):
wow... Antarctica sure is populated.
mysmallaznworld (12/10/2006 10:50am):
damn thats pwnage right there
u should use those black teleport tiles to make the world wrap around
Kirian (12/11/2006 10:06am):
really high quality. nice work!
Deoxy Knight (12/12/2006 08:12pm):
Could use a lot more factories...

also: whars cobalt drift lol
son of ff (12/13/2006 04:14pm):
Pwn5 45 f4r 45 5uck1n6 b4||5
grizly-sword (12/15/2006 12:45am):
The Map is Great, but PL and GE has a slight Disadvantage as they must sroll, as every
when the map is updated, ut is aligned to the far left.
punyinfantry (12/16/2006 12:01am):
put more bases in...

loopmonkey (12/21/2006 03:51pm):
swiftninjav2 (12/22/2006 06:43am):
Race you to the south pole!
Gunfighter (12/22/2006 09:07am | Edited: 12/23/2006 07:17pm):
Why is china in South America, OS in Africa, Bm in France, Green Earth in Austraila.
You got everything mixed up, but other then that you created such a large (nice) map. If
the secret every got out how to make it AWBW would be doomed, oh wait IndirectDragon are
ready did.


Think what would happen if someone made a 100x100 or 1000x1000 or 10000x10000.
If we got 30 people doing that, The damage would almost be unrepairable. People would
have to leave Advanced wars because their computer dosen't have the power.
lildrew2011 (12/25/2006 09:07am):
Honestly, the terrain in this map aint so great. I commend you for doing an 'okay' world map
though. I dont really like how theres 2 HQs per team. Whats the purpose of that? All in all,
6/10 + 1 for doing a world map so a 7.
Heartless (12/29/2006 08:08pm):
u stole my kill! (12/07/2006 06:09pm):
Let see, US is tied down with fighting Brazil, Most of Europe has their hands full with Afica,
Australia is practically a fortress with Russia trying to invade. Yeah, so it's a 1o.

shadow_ (12/08/2006 06:38pm):

I COMPLAIN! BH is clearly representing Canada too >:( AS A CANADIAN, I COMPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Gunfighter (01/01/2007 01:31am | Edited: 01/01/2007 01:34am):
"text has been removed"
jhuni (01/02/2007 04:04pm):
Did you say fair?!?!? Meh. I think you ment "Best balance in a world map," there isn't
ever going to
be a fair, world map.
Kekkimaru (01/02/2007 04:24pm):
I really don't see the point in having a completely -fair- map. War is far from fair, so
somebody will have a FTA, and somebody will get stuck with the short end of the stick.
Aside from that, 10 for being goodly.
Gunfighter (01/05/2007 06:58pm):
What would be cool if they could make it like that wrap around world map.
DarkPhantom (01/10/2007 12:37pm):
I love how the US is represented as BH (The invaders). That actually makes sense. xD
Nahbien (01/10/2007 09:39pm):
Finally someone got the subtle joke in the map countries.
miro (01/12/2007 09:06pm):
Heartless (01/13/2007 09:44pm):
"I love how the US is represented as BH (The invaders). That actually makes sense. xD "

that don't even know what Canada is >:(
sirfuxalot (01/18/2007 04:56pm):

We dont need to.
r1nce (02/02/2007 10:08pm):
Excellent work!
Kiseki (05/28/2007 04:10pm):
I like what I see.
No denying it.

Perfect Dime.
twinblade (06/07/2007 10:36pm):
Geography is great. Africa is a little small, but honestly, this map is big enough as it

The lack of bases makes for a frustrating fight in the vast areas in between the HQs. But
it also makes for an interesting strategy.
fredfredburger67 (06/10/2007 11:35am):
How did u get it so freakin big?
Attack and Defend (06/14/2007 10:02am | Edited: 07/03/2007 11:38am):
This map has no comparison! You probably spent weeks on this thing. It's awesome. The
map is perfect the way it is so all other critics SHUT UP! Try to make this map yourself!
Skull Kid (07/09/2007 08:43am):
How do you put in the black teleport tiles?
DuelStriker (07/16/2007 08:58am):
This is so cool. But it needs more bases 8/10 for now
jhuni (07/20/2007 05:42pm):
This is very acurate, only a few things are missiing like Lake Nyas, Novaya Zemlya, Lake
Baikal and Lake Victoria.
DrWeird (07/27/2007 10:40pm):
This is an awesome map, mustve taken weeks to make. must play now!
DrWeird (07/27/2007 10:40pm | Edited: 07/27/2007 10:43pm):
CRAP!! i think i pressed the submit button twice and i dont know how to delete this so just
ignore this comment.
Admiral Palleon (08/01/2007 01:58pm):
very nice detail (even if you got the countries mixed up) 10/10 is my vote
theseer666 (10/17/2007 04:08pm):
oooh! love it, good for a team fight 10/10
Tyrael (10/30/2007 10:55am):
Pyro_boy_231 (11/08/2007 09:53pm):
I love the map but i think the panama canal would make naval traval better around NA and SA
just a thought :) p.s. even with more air/naval battles you still must have a way to hold
netrual territory where there is a lack of bases.(so you make more infantry to hold places
and AA to keep air at bay) but i still love it, i love playin on it, good job 10/10

Garytop (11/17/2007 01:54am):
now thats what i call epic... question how do you put in black tiles?
Kitez (12/13/2007 01:04am):
I like the map..but where the lake thats next to my house D:
dky (12/30/2007 10:10pm):
Well done ! I love this map !
ninja-star (01/19/2008 08:00pm | Edited: 01/19/2008 08:03pm):
how do you make it over 40x40???? I read the wiki on 'known glitches', but i'm still stuck!!!

btw, your map kicks ass!!!!! 10 It could use a few more bases......I know you wanted it
an air/sea battle, but still
foxdemon96 (01/21/2008 11:46am | Edited: 01/21/2008 03:53pm):
I love it how America is Black Hole xD
foxdemon96 (01/21/2008 12:31pm | Edited: 01/21/2008 12:33pm):
Factories are very important in this map... if you lose both you are dead
Darren21 (01/24/2008 01:37am | Edited: 01/24/2008 01:37am):
Now this map is very impressive. :)
rapha3l (02/01/2008 10:40pm):
good map enough big but no neutral base lol

raekuul (02/02/2008 06:55pm):
now this is a map!

SideEffect (02/09/2008 04:36pm | Edited: 02/09/2008 04:37pm):
its like an orgy in my mouth(family guy) lol
ChurKirby (02/25/2008 12:03pm):
I would also like to know how to make a map bigger than 40x40, so can someone please
actually say?!
IchigoKurosaki (03/19/2008 01:07am):
I like it, bu try each of the seven continents gets a team.
PrinceStone (03/25/2008 09:54pm):
lol, that's a world map down to a T! however, aren't you forgetting some Missle Silos on
Amarica and Russia? If we're trying to be accurate, then that'd probably be the icing on the
cake for this one!

kenny990209 (03/28/2008 05:10am):
ChurKirby (03/30/2008 01:34pm):
well, if he was trying to be accurate, there would be uneven amounts of different ports
and airports everywhere. >_>
manwolf (04/06/2008 09:02pm):
hey stop calling us invaders were just pissed.
Ps china should be the invaders aholes.
YourAverageJoe (05/03/2008 07:23pm):
Where the fuck is Scandinavia?
zywxn (05/09/2008 05:08am):
Scandinavia isn't that much, no problem. But the country with the biggest population in the
WORLD, CHINA is not godamn included!!! Maybe you should learn ur countries first, so should
the idiot who thought YC is China and then remake the map with more apporopaite countries
and make the locations of HQs appopraite.
TJ the Great (06/26/2008 10:16pm):
though nobody will scroll down this far, or care about my input...
zywxn, the reason there isnt china is that it would create a main battle between china and
russia (which would be moved to the left for the lack of space between china and russia).
this created battle would give GE a major advantage because BM (europe), PL and whoever
nahbien3 makes china will have to fend off two opponents, giving OS and GE a much easier time.
not only that, maybe move BH up and and YC down and put in a central america country (its
a thought...)
I agree that there needs to be neutral bases scattered
a possible antartica country would be nice (say CI?)
japan is kinda small...
other than that, very good and accurate map, very nice job
9.5/10 (ill give it a 10 up top)
Zinco (06/27/2008 11:40am):
Why UK, China and Mexico hasn't army?
da dragonator[ish] (07/07/2008 08:37am):
the repubica of irelande
DJ-Moogle (07/11/2008 06:10pm):
Antarctica needs more penguin infantry :p
Armageddon07 (09/05/2008 03:07pm):
where the hell are the FUCKING penguins ;D
freeshooter (12/20/2008 06:53pm):
Why dose each country have 2 HQs?
Needs more neutral bases.
Very good map
MS1 (01/09/2009 03:27pm):
airob (01/16/2009 05:58pm):
BM should be antarctica....OS should be north america..for the canadian guy...just put a
little country with somethings in canada and all the isles there....for africa
mmm....should be brown desert due to deserts!!! lol..but south america and central america
should be green earth...ASIA should be yellow comet(japanese dude)
well all is that is that is looks good
Bpeps41495 (01/18/2009 05:02pm):
.....speechless 10/10
Ultra Super Duper Noob (01/19/2009 07:42pm):
for all of those people who are critics on this map, stop, take a deep breath, and make this
map yourself like you want it to look
Sivarticus2 (03/01/2009 01:25pm):
Stop whining about were the countries are. each side is on a diffrent CONTENENT, not
country. China is part of asia, purple has asia, thus purple is china. same goes for canada
and U.S.A., both part of north america. Thus no country is excluded. though, the south pole
could be cool with a team there.

BTW, Black hole is just a side for the game. Someone is useally gonna end up with it, and
just because BH is on north america dosent mean the maker is implying America/ Canada are
invaders. I personally think BH is awesome just cuz they have cool infantry.
Falconewing (03/08/2009 06:04pm):
Go Japan and France!
Falconewing (05/05/2009 08:24pm):
Lol I let my brotther go on for a month while I was on vacation and he gets into a fight with
lotsa people.. LOL
Nice map by the way. I like it how Antarctica is unpopulated, becuz CI would have an
advantage there.:p
Pebe (06/06/2009 12:08pm):
This is so great map! I think GE or BH is the best country to play
thecooltodd (06/06/2009 03:45pm):
AWBW should have a map of the day or featured map just so they can put this up XD
Falconewing (07/23/2009 06:09pm):
I SHAL DO THE JOB! cooltodd make sure u remind me everyday thx
Eagle striker 53 (10/24/2009 07:05pm):
CI should be anarctica.

gimanator (12/10/2009 10:31pm):
It's like a giant game of advance wars Risk. Awesome.
Lord_Echo (02/08/2010 06:34am):
Kylesico912 (03/27/2010 04:04pm):
atlantis 0_0;
z263476752 (04/28/2010 08:29am):
z263476752 (04/28/2010 08:29am):

Ephran (05/14/2010 04:20pm):
You should have made america and russia more powerful, and BH was the wrong thing to
use for america!
falcon98 (06/23/2010 04:17pm):
man this level is so cool

Prof. Yarott (07/02/2010 11:45pm):
This map is missing the Penguins. They need to defend their home too!!!
CoolStoryBro (07/04/2010 03:39am):
lol i see hawaii but its not that small D: 8/10
blah blah blah (08/15/2010 10:40pm):
why can Europe, Africa and Oceania go to the airports 'walking' and the others need
Tsubodai (02/05/2011 05:32pm):
Nice work!
Tyrantboy (02/09/2011 02:11pm):
BH = russia
Also you forgot the country with the second pargest population in the world INDIA!!!
jhuni (05/14/2011 01:41am):
My comments from 2007 still stand, this map isn't truly fair, nonetheless playing on this
map is an enjoyable experience. In my recent game on this map I played South America as
Colbalt Ice hoping to eventually take over Antarctica ;)
Meta Rexy (05/16/2011 08:47pm):
While this map gets the proportions right I think that it's way too big and the action
would be too slow for my liking.
pen (08/19/2011 11:27pm):
If you want to make it fair, put portals on the ends.
Madd Maxx (04/04/2012 11:27am):
looks fair enough. i mean with a world map, you cant be too picky about fta, atc. I think
whats important is position. I think, just like RISK, North America and Australia probably has
an advatage, alonmg with South America, because they only have to worry about 1 front. It
looks like you tries contering that with the Arctic so SA and Australia fight. I think maybe you
should make there be something that NA and Europe can fight over? And make it less
difficult for Russia to hit Europe? Seems like Europe is in a really bad spot. With that all said I
still give it 10! Good job
ProtoDemn (07/11/2012 10:17pm):
I'm planning a sick 3v3 game on this map with some of my friends. Put NA, Africa, and
Australia/Indonesia vs SA, Europe, and Asia, and I think its a pretty damn awesome team
play map
SoulCrusherEx (07/15/2012 10:28am | Edited: 07/15/2012 10:28am):
looks awesome and its playable too not like the WW3 map ive saw >.> well done 10/10
Nyvelion (02/05/2013 05:12pm):
This map has too many comments.
Karis Fra Mauro (07/26/2013 09:14pm):
I agree. Everyone else who agrees there are too many comments also please leave a comment.
zaykho (07/31/2013 06:53pm):
I agree there are too many comments. :]
100 games (09/15/2013 09:55pm):
I agree too, people have no sense
Sybray (09/27/2013 08:20pm):
I agree, way too many comments
mirddes (12/18/2013 10:33pm):
where is new zealand?
JonatasNuno (10/18/2014 04:25pm):
ku chat

IPS (04/17/2015 07:33pm | Edited: 04/17/2015 07:34pm):
It's very realistic and etc, but the ballance between the sides is shit. For an example
North America vs South America, South America will crush North America because the absurd
spacing between the cities that North America has, which will make it one of most poor
sides in the map.

What happens if Afrika gets a booter? Blue moon gets an absurd size, South America crushes
North America.

Considering ANY detail on the map, I would rate it from 4/10 to 7/10 considering the
terrible issues on ballance but huge effort at creating a fair world map. So There goes my

Pingurules (05/17/2016 05:39am):
I like it how Singapore is an airport because of their airport being really good. 8/10,
because there are no neutral bases.
Pingurules (05/17/2016 05:39am):
I like it how Singapore is an airport because of their airport being really good. 8/10,
because there are no neutral bases.
Chiku (09/03/2016 06:03pm):
How do you make giant maps?

CCCP (09/08/2016 10:11pm):
The two most disappointing things about this. 1. The lack of rivers. 2. No 0MP tiles.
IPS (02/20/2017 12:17pm):
Sides are not balanced, density in properties isn't fair in certain regions like that
South America will crush North america because it's more dense in cities and that North
America will delay too much to capturing most of their own properties.

Personal rating is 3/10 due severe balance issues.
JacobP14372 (03/19/2018 07:49pm):
Amazing map, however, Antartica looks boring because it needs a base.
Rockoe10 (03/26/2018 01:43am):
Nice work. Can't wait to try

Africa is actually much MUCH MUUUUCH bigger in real life. Maps are
knocklok (08/10/2018 07:47pm):
North america had a disadvantage since all the airports are on islands while ports are also hard to
reach from factories
RealOlaf (12/12/2018 01:01pm):

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