omg it's a 4 team map
Creator: your_mom1337 || First Published: 12/09/2006 || Players: 12 || Size: 39x40
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Rating: 8.22 in 9 ratings
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Mantimus Prime (12/09/2006 05:31pm):
your_mom1337 (12/09/2006 06:12pm):
You fiend!

It's ready now.
Teams should be obvious, forests make for a fun FOW match.

Lab units must be landers, Bboats and T-copters, and can include any mix of other units as
well, preferably air units.

Teams must split up the properties between each other, one greedy person will ruin it. It
must be decided which nations get airports and which get com towers.

As soon as transports are available, then you can send units to the cache of cities. Be sure
to defend it, though, because there's no bases to produce a defense.

The center isn't a chokepoint and has no bases so that the first one there won't win.
your_mom1337 (12/09/2006 06:16pm | Edited: 12/09/2006 06:57pm):
What the bloody hell is this about?
LuminescentSword (12/09/2006 07:03pm):
That's a crapload of cities.. Nice map though, 9/10.
sirfuxalot (12/09/2006 07:15pm):
Take o ut a few cities...Lash and Kindle will totally destroy eveyone.
TacticsCommand (12/09/2006 07:26pm):
u stole my kill! (12/09/2006 07:48pm):
Not to mention sensei, a mech for each city. That's ownsorness
THE_Chosen_One (12/09/2006 09:20pm):
this map will take about eight and a half years on AWBW
Meta Rexy (09/08/2008 06:13pm):
This map is too big.
that's it. And there's too many bases.. even for a big map like this.
lower the base total and shrink the map.
Aside from that this map is great. :)
Madd Maxx (03/19/2015 04:38pm):
6/10 get rid of most of the factories and seaports and i give it 10/10 good job!
ichbinsehselber (09/03/2017 07:46pm):
the map has some issues:
1.) 12 players in one game - this never works
2.) Too many bases
3.) There is only one (main) land front in the middle.
4.) There are contested bases.
5.) The connection between the enemies (main fronts) are way too tight. Those pipes are a
problem. Stalemate potential

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