Heartless' 2 vs 2
Creator: Heartless || First Published: 12/09/2006 || Players: 4 || Size: 20x20
Categories: A-Rank, Team Play
Rating: 9.14 in 7 ratings
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Heartless (12/09/2006 09:05pm):
My new map. Pretty easy to understand. Ban the usual 5. (Colin Grit Hachi Kanbei Sensei for
the newbs out there)
sirfuxalot (12/09/2006 09:11pm):
At first glance it seemed really good but then I noticed there was an awful lot of
chokepoints. And it's a little base heavy for the property count; just barely, so it gets
8/10 for now.
Heartless (12/09/2006 09:29pm):
Chaged a little, hopefully for the better.
sirfuxalot (12/09/2006 10:45pm):
Yeah. I guess there could be a little less forests/roads, but the map is good other than
that. It's just not incredibly impressive, and lacks originality, so I don't know if I'll
ever give it a higher rating than 9/10
nerd-boy (12/10/2006 07:05am):
It's a little forest heavy, you might want to change those to mountains to help in FOW,
which seems to be your goal. OTher than that, it looks good, so 9/10
Valet of Vitriol (12/10/2006 01:18pm):
Only a few of the woods need changing to mountains. Otherwise... well, it's been a while
since I've seen such a large map with only starting deployment properties, but I think this
map will work nicely.
jhuni (01/14/2007 03:48am):
Ummm... Who suggested less bases? Add at least 4 more bases in areas that are fairly
far out, but not close to the actual center. Then if you do this I'll give you a 10/10.
Eliwan (04/18/2009 11:12pm | Edited: 04/18/2009 11:12pm):
change the two corner cities into bases, THEN ill give you 10/10. right now, bit to much
conflict for the center to handle...
9.00 in six is good, eh?
wailddddddd (09/16/2010 12:21am):

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