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14-player immigration style (Design Map by your_mom1337)
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Rating: 5.00 in 17 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Valet of Vitriol (12/10/2006 01:09pm):
I don't take taunts from morons seriously. This map is just another tarnish to AWBW's
your_mom1337 (12/10/2006 02:05pm):
You moron. There's a specific reason I named it "Comment if you're a moron". I can't
unpublish the map if I want it to be 14 players.

Now that it's finished, you can comment on the map. It's a 14 player immigration style map.
FOW is recommended, but not neccesary. Some area have more props, but going there will
increase your chances of finding someone else to compete with.

This one is different because you can send units from one corner to another. You can also
send landers to any side of the map. Infantry can warp through the mountain passes, and
piperunners can also jump to other pipes. Lab units are not neccessary, but there is still the
Shadow Star (12/10/2006 02:26pm):
get rid of the lab, OS pretty much gets it, followed by the first person to get the base right by
it. meaning OS and BM are the ones that get the best odds of it.
great cocept, used already by someone with a slightly better reputation of making these
types of maps.

Ababy (12/10/2006 04:09pm):
y'know, it'd be better if you had all of them surrounding the middle instead of bunching them
all up in the south.....whoever goes up north will be 5-6 turns behind....
your_mom1337 (12/10/2006 04:46pm):
Not if they use the warp tiles, that's why they're there.

I just realised there's no roads on the right side of the map...
Last Edited on 12/10/2006 06:14pm
THE_Chosen_One (12/10/2006 07:51pm):
I like these style maps, but this isnt really creative. Its almost the exact same as 12P
Immigration by el_B, which in my opinion is better...

ColdFocus2 (05/31/2007 01:16pm):
It's cool in snow. I didn't know that AWBW played with the old school snow that slows you down. Anyway, the
immigration style map with snow and warp tiles lets you get time to set up your own area without anyone nosing
around. I already am in a game i set up with snow and FOW on this map. (i was freaked out by the warp tiles
because i had never seen them before and thought it was an error) i feel like gving it a 9 because of the warp tiles.
(Without the warp tiles this game would rate 3 because of the crowdiness.) 9/10
DreamShovel (07/10/2018 07:22am):
This map is broken, my T copter got stuck on a black warp tile despite trying
to move to a square on the eastern side of the island.

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