Creator: bamiyan || First Published: 12/27/2006 || Players: 14 || Size: 50x20
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 9.41 in 101 ratings
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bamiyan (12/26/2006 02:33am):
Right VS Left Team Game.
mextex (12/27/2006 02:06pm):
PL and TG have no airports, and GE and YC will be screwed. Looks fine and interesting to
play on, though.
bamiyan (12/27/2006 03:54pm):
I fixed it! Thanks for your advice.
sirfuxalot (12/27/2006 06:45pm | Edited: 12/28/2006 01:01am):
This does look cool. And you kept the com tower count fairly low.
legor17 (01/04/2007 02:44pm):
why don't YC or GE have comm towers?
Shadow Star (01/07/2007 03:35pm):
legor, its' because they are at the hub of the map, all allies and enemies must pass them, and
probably will help them.
so they don't need com towers since they each have six allies seinding in units that are
tower boosted.
marcomtz91 (01/21/2007 03:07pm):
woa a decient map compared to all the others 10/10
Béorgit (06/20/2007 10:06am):
Seem very boring for the east and west nations... though... not a bad map... 8/10
Mantimus Prime (08/06/2007 03:11pm):
this map looks insanely epic
Danny123 (09/24/2007 12:47am):
this map hella wins
Musha_Gundam (03/04/2008 10:50pm):
This seems like a cool map good jobs it sems evenly fair too. LOL
amthc356 (05/26/2008 05:32pm):
wtf asymmetrical reefs
zywxn (05/31/2008 10:14pm):
OS and BM have 1 less city each
DuelStriker (07/10/2008 08:30pm | Edited: 07/10/2008 08:30pm):
amthc356 (05/26/2008 05:32pm):
wtf asymmetrical reefs

I don't complain about asymetrical reefs silly. FunkyChunk does.
T-Rock (04/12/2009 09:34am):
Cool map. 9/10
Falconewing (07/10/2009 06:26pm):
Robin28 (03/29/2010 08:54pm):
nice. 10/10
funkytown (11/29/2010 08:31pm):
riku-son (01/08/2011 04:47pm):
not bad
Windwavern (01/21/2011 04:45pm):
I noted that Shadow Star stated that its "Six allies that are tower boosted". This is not true. If
you look closely at CI and PC they will not obtain a tower. This will make only 5 allies that are
tower boosted. Other than that 8/10
bakabonest (05/01/2011 03:46pm):
play as javier -> convince ur teammates to give all the comtowers to you -> WIN
blackzero1154 (07/12/2012 04:55pm):
im going to play this right now

Nyvelion (08/15/2012 11:37am):
Play as Javier, get all towers, get booted you mean?
ORANGE LEADER (02/22/2013 05:54am):
cool map i hate that ppl quit but it is indeed an awesome map 12/10
Holaman (06/07/2013 03:48pm):
Looks like this map might start up finally =)
Renozuken (07/05/2013 12:56am):
I queued for this map and its about to start.
I'll leave another comment when the battle is over to share my exp and opinions and ofc to rate
this map.
It looks very awsome and I am very curious how its going to turn out.
the-deadly-shadow (07/23/2013 03:40am):
the only danger of this map is that if one of your allies quit, it spoils the rest.
Nyvelion (10/12/2016 02:38pm):
That's true of almost all maps.
Surto (03/02/2020 02:55pm):
Why is this map so popular???
Anachronity (07/24/2020 05:35pm):
Seems like one side could just agree to donate all its com towers to a Javier and win?
but looks like a hella fun map if he's banned.
Alistel (12/06/2020 07:51am):
100th rating !

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