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Doughnut Mountains (Design Map by bamiyan)
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Rating: 9.62 in 26 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
SpeedDemon020 (01/04/2007 11:50pm):
isuck (01/05/2007 12:04am):
Interesting. No one has played on thes map. We'll be the first!!! (me and speed demon that is)
raunaqchamp (04/01/2008 05:10am):
how to start?
FreshBread (05/06/2008 01:03pm):
sweet map especially on FOW. one of my favorites!
punyupen (05/07/2008 07:56pm):
Pretty balanced and good map.
TJ the Great (06/12/2008 08:13pm):
noob question
whats with the recons?
DuelStriker (06/19/2008 09:38am):
You should move the FTA counter infantry so that it can capture on the first turn.
gh12321 (06/27/2008 03:44pm):
Your map is cool but in my opinion, I would have liked it better if it were bigger
okaka (03/15/2009 07:38pm):
I wanna play this map

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