Little Island A-Groove
Creator: Gunmetal Alice || First Published: 01/10/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 36x36
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play, Teleport Tile
Rating: 8.16 in 25 ratings
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Gunmetal Alice (01/10/2007 04:47am):
You waited for it and here it is, the second map in the A-Groove serie!!!

Little Island A-Groove is the brand new map from Alice in her beloved A-Groove serie.

As all maps in the serie, Little Island A-Groove is a 4 players team game map: Orange Star
and Yellow Comet against Blue Moon and Green Earth.

The concept doesn't stray too far from the original winning formulae but with some unique
additions that should help make this map feel fresh, balanced, unique and plain out fun:

You're fighting 4 individual fronts, each players playing in two, against each of his two
opponents... lose in any one of your two fronts and you're completely out of the game.
This require some serious thoughts from your parts as to how do you share your funds
between your two fronts.

However, new to this map and I believe new to the Advance Wars map making world is the
addition of the black tiles to this concept. Black tiles are used in AWBW maps like
teleport tiles. There are already in use in a variety of maps but for the first time does
the black tile take a new dimension in this 4 players map. You can help your teammate by
sending your troops to any of his two fronts (although, you risk weakening your own
fronts). However, you cannot send troops to your own other front... using the black tiles
will only allow you to help your teammate (even though you can send infantry through if
you want to capture (although there are no neutral bases to capture)).

The choice of Little Island as a base map on one side, and the world premiere introduction
of the new uses of the black tiles on the other is no coincidence either:

"I have always like to work with original Advance Wars map" recalls Alice. Indeed, and as
Little Island feature only 2 starting bases per side, flooding is not as easily done as in
a lot of original Advance Wars map that have 4 starting bases. The inability to reinforce
your other front prevents the use of black tiles to flood the game (one possibility when
you have black tiles in place to help you reinforce the map is for the player to flood the
map by having all his deployed units fight on only 1 front, and it is even more dramatic
when there are 4 starting bases (imagine you deploying 8 infantry each turn for use in
only 1 island the size of Spann Island...).

A-Groove maps have always been strongly team orientated and Little Island A-Groove keep
the tradition intact. The black tiles are only here for you to help your teammate and to
elaborate new and "unique to this map" team strategy.

And as always, the map features Alice's unique A-Style FTA counter (first turn advantage):
OS/YC gets FTA twice, once as starting in the "original OS position" and once as starting
in the "original BM position"... and BM/GE gets the FTA twice too, once as starting in the
"original OS position" and once as starting in the "original BM position"!! The perfect
FTA counter. No more "Little Island is unbalanced 'coz OS is too strong"... this time,
both team evenly benefit from the "original OS starting position"!!
lazernerd (01/10/2007 12:47pm):
Cool map, but how can I make the black squares on my map if I want them?
isuck (01/10/2007 10:06pm):
When you upload a map whatever you fill in with periods are thos black squares.

10/10 on map
Kirbyfreek33 (05/23/2007 11:30pm):
The idea of not being able to send to your other front is very interesting!
ColdFocus2 (06/02/2007 08:50am):
I like it. I think you should consider the banning of damage COs because they attack all 4 enenies at once. (Of
course this excludes Sturm/Von Bolt because they only inflict damage in one area.)
Pyro_boy_231 (11/08/2007 09:55pm):
what do the black squares do are how do you make them

Scebboaliwiw (12/15/2007 09:40pm):
ColdFoucus...why would ban damage COs? In my opion you should ban evreyone BUT
damage COs (including sasha).
A very intresting twist on an already intresting concept, really not much to say about this
other than awesume.
Red11 (01/28/2011 07:22am):
Perhaps it would be interesting if you placed the factories and hqs in the center of the
islands, instead?
SoulCrusherEx (07/18/2012 06:39am):
hmm what are these black routes for ?

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