Quadrangle Island
Creator: Pincer_Strike || First Published: 05/24/2007 || Players: 4 || Size: 40x40
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Rating: 6.75 in 4 ratings
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Saigo No (05/25/2007 11:17am):
unbalanced in one corner.
IndirectDragon (05/25/2007 12:06pm):
Two corners actually (OS and GE)
Pincer_Strike (05/25/2007 10:51pm):
The imbalance is planned. While each player has approximately equal properties to control,
each has a different arrangement of properties which forces them to adopt different
IndirectDragon (05/26/2007 12:27am):
Yes, but if all the players are of equal skill then OS will win every time
Pincer_Strike (05/27/2007 04:48pm):
If the land bridge were restricted to infantry movement, would that even the odds?
oomouwmouw (05/28/2007 04:16pm):
You should just remove the OS land bridge.
ColdFocus2 (05/31/2007 02:44pm):
Definitely remove the land bridge or reduce it to infantry only. Some people don't notice it, bt the actual ability to
produce double the units per turn can give the victory easily to a gifted OS player. Basically, it would involve
rushing the center and mostly ignoring the nuetral properties surrounding him. I really like this mmap though and
will see how it plays out.
cward2k4 (06/09/2007 01:33pm):
I like it. Had a great game with Pincer_Strike on it.
IndirectDragon (06/10/2007 08:14pm):
Remove the land bridge, and help out yellow and green (since they go last) and it can be
an excellent map
Pincer_Strike (06/10/2007 10:34pm):
After a playtest, it turns out that the land bridge really has no particularly strong advantage.
The player hardly uses that base. Also, the players are so far apart that there is no tangible
disadvantage to going last.
rayne92 (07/23/2007 12:05pm):
jhuni (03/01/2011 12:17am):
OS has FTA and a considerable advantage from the asymmetry of this map. A good player
playing as OS will always win here.
Nyvelion (08/07/2014 02:27pm):
Is Quadrangle a real word?
Jackie Milton (12/27/2015 07:44pm):

a plane figure having four angles and four sides, as a square.
a square or quadrangular space or court that is surrounded by a building or buildings, as
on a college campus.
the building or buildings around such a space or court.
the area shown on one of the standard topographic map sheets published by the U.S.
Geological Survey: approximately 17 miles (27 km) north to south and from 11 to 15 miles
(17 to 24 km) east to west.

Nyvelion (08/09/2016 12:01pm | Edited: 08/09/2016 12:01pm):
Is Island a real word?

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