Battle for Europe
Creator: a sanDy Kiler || First Published: 05/26/2007 || Players: 7 || Size: 35x35
Categories: None
Rating: 8.42 in 12 ratings
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Pincer_Strike (05/26/2007 09:15pm):
There are no shoals. This is a pointless map.
cward2k4 (05/26/2007 09:22pm):
Without shoals or airports to build T-copters this map is useless.
ColdFocus2 (05/31/2007 03:17pm):
I like it, it reminds me of the board game, diplomacy which is based on making up teams.
Riukken (06/19/2007 08:51am):
+2 Some good terrain variety, you could put some reefs up in the northern part of the map.
+1 Correct geographical map.
+1 Minor chokepoints, but I can excuse that.
All this map needs is more reefs and I will give it a 10.
sulla (09/13/2007 10:20pm):
great map 10 out of 10
joeywashere (11/18/2007 01:12pm):
could do with some airports
joeywashere (11/29/2007 08:46pm):
blue moon is dead
Darren21 (01/26/2008 07:04am):
Yup, blue moon will have the most pressure out of all the other armies, good map though.
zatchchris (02/03/2008 07:35pm):
its possible for blue moon to make it. at least i can see it. but the person playing blue
moon needs to be really good.
grizly-sword (02/06/2008 12:16pm):
Whats up with that BH inf lol
Punintended (03/01/2008 01:07pm):
BM wouldn't be so screwed if GE earth had other ways to attack. As it is right now, BM has
to deal with the entire strength of GE, as well as OS, YC, and RF. Shift some of GE's
power to the Mediterranean, so that OS has somebody else to deal with.
Dragunov14 (03/21/2008 07:22pm):
Or maybe give bluemoon more bases...

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