Creator: SmackCakes || First Published: 05/27/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 39x21
Categories: A-Rank, Heavy Naval
Rating: 8.00 in 51 ratings
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SmackCakes (06/04/2007 02:40pm | Edited: 06/08/2007 03:54pm):
This is an invasion map, there are no bases on the central island so landers and some good
logistics are key here. However air and sea units can still be deployed in support. There
are a large number of properties so both armies should be able to fund a decent air sea
force. I chose to position the HQs out on their own a little rather than stuck behind the
lines, so HQ capture is still an option, though they are quite well fortified so shouldn't
fall too quickly either.

FTA is balanced largely by funds, OS starts with one less city than BM so they have a
slightly harder time buying early black boats. bm is also able to start a capture on day one.
SmackCakes (06/24/2007 01:25am):
great 1 out of 10 :(
benbever (07/31/2007 10:21am):
Very nice, it's hard to come up with good sea/air maps.
Evil Mastermind2 (09/07/2007 01:05pm):
The phantom 1 rater got you.

Anyway, an awesome map, i rated 10/10
DuelStriker (01/18/2008 06:26pm):
Ardax (01/31/2008 05:45pm):
i don't give a rating, the bm infantry is almost useless because of its position other \wise nice
SmackCakes (02/05/2008 06:01pm):
BM gets an extra city to counter FTA and the infantry helps them get another before OS can
take the first one back. I've tried a few alt counters but this one seemed to work best in
play tests.

LOL DS slightly asymmetrical reefs appear in lots of my maps, not many people notice.
samy (02/12/2008 09:11pm):
your map is cool
EchelonThree (03/20/2008 09:52am | Edited: 03/20/2008 09:53am):
Might have slight STA in terms of early black boat strategy for blue moon, turn 1 starts
wilth BM buying 2 infantry and a BB to rush the middle island, but I'm not sure.

Love the concept though.

blanci1 (08/24/2008 01:40am):
! Warning ! this map is not for newbs --- it requires a patient build up .... i was enjoying the
map until my opp got booted ... a couple of days before first contact. ( ithink it happens quite
a bit on such biggish maps , giving a fairly low average number of days per game .. only
12 ...low for such a biggish map). I like it .. burt AW could do with some smaller sea maps
I am happy with the property and mountain clumps on this map but map comittee members
often are highly critical about it.
Falkensparrow (08/07/2009 09:34pm):
Me no like very much property clumps! Good for sparras but bad humans
Redwall530 (09/18/2009 05:15pm | Edited: 09/18/2009 05:16pm):

Good map but i dont like air units

Nyvelion (04/24/2014 10:53am | Edited: 04/24/2014 10:53am):
Lol random BM city in SW. Think I'll rate it high just for making me laugh at such a
weird oversight.

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