Canalized Immigration
Creator: Taz || First Published: 05/30/2007 || Players: 6 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 9.11 in 18 ratings
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Taz (05/30/2007 06:39pm):
Canalized Immigration is back!
This is an Immigration map. The base is pretty simple: jump in your lander, find a place
to settle, and, from there, conquer the world! The canals are here to boost movement.
Ban subs, and preferably every sea unit except B-boats and Landers.
The map is best played in FoW, and supports either teams or FFA.
You may want to make this a capture game (capture one half of the properties to win), to
avoid endless endgames.
I changed the middle between the original version and this one: I think that reefs pretty
nicely counter FTA.
Have fun!
isuck (07/18/2007 04:54pm):
*agrees* 10/10
ColdFocus2 (08/23/2007 09:45am):
WOOHOOO!!!!!!!! Lets go sailing! (10/10)
Tyrael (10/11/2007 09:20pm | Edited: 10/11/2007 09:21pm):
bill m (11/23/2007 03:46pm):
how play in map i meen get in one????

DuelStriker (11/24/2007 08:49am):
bill m (11/23/2007 03:46pm):
how play in map i meen get in one????

You obviously aren't jumping high enough in order to get into the map.
Zovea (09/19/2008 12:23am):
cool can you make a smaller one that doesnt require all the infantry moving that occurs
with big maps?
Taz (09/19/2008 08:37am):
You can try one of el_b's immigration maps. Or try to make one yourself.
Zovea (09/30/2008 11:20pm):
BTW orange star can attack blue moon
Taz (10/06/2008 01:03pm):
Yes, if he wants to lose badly (losing three turns is pretty crippling)
mrapex (10/16/2008 09:34pm):
Really base heavy.
Falconewing (03/22/2009 07:35am):
Why ban subs if they can move only 3 sqs around?I mean nothing but transports will be able
to move.

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