Chaos +1
Creator: Ragor9011 || First Published: 06/03/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 15x15
Categories: None
Rating: 3.11 in 27 ratings
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amthc356 (06/03/2007 01:44am):
not really. Lack of terrain varitey, neutral properties, and FTA counter make this a pretty
boring map.
Ragor9011 (06/03/2007 01:49am):
It was intended to be a very simple map. The lack of terrain is for the tanks to have
equal and non-confusing movement cost. Not much was intended for this map.
DuelStriker (07/14/2007 03:30pm):
Bland, FTA for OS. 1/10
jhuni (07/20/2007 04:38am):
It is essential for you to abstain from making maps of such horrendousness.
Power_of_Dance (02/23/2008 10:24am):
"Non-confusing movement cost"? Unless you've been playing AW for about two or three
days, you'll know what the movement costs for terrain are...
"Not much was intended for this map." I...can see that. It shows. It shows very well.
Make this map somewhat interesting. The airports are tacked on, and terrain varity is a must.
Play on this map, and I want you to tell me that you had more fun then playing on a map
with...I don't know...different terrain every once in awhile. There's different ways to make a
simple map then to make it dreadfully boring...1/10
mrapex (06/04/2008 02:25pm):
I actually think this may be a good simple map with high funds. AWBW right now is all about
capturing cities and revolving around infantry. This is just a simple game where the only
thing that matters is what you make and what you do with it (just like all AWBW games). And
with fta? One can see what the opponent builds and build his units accordingly.
Flawed Logic (11/13/2009 11:52pm):
This blows under any sane definition. Holy god, never make a map again plz
Nyvelion (09/14/2012 03:13pm):
This is chaos?

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