1-up island
Creator: wareagle || First Published: 06/14/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 18x18
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 9.17 in 138 ratings
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Riukken (06/14/2007 08:40am):
+2 Good terrain variety.
+2 No chokepoints.
+1 FTA counter.

Mcgregor (06/14/2007 08:06pm):
10/10 for obvious reasons.
bakabonest (07/10/2007 04:28am):
Cool. Nice terrain, evenly balanced, and has great originality.

jhuni (07/12/2007 03:33pm):
I have to agree with Mcgregor on this one. 10/10
DuelStriker (07/12/2007 06:19pm):
good terrain. 9/10
-1 because the rest of the island is basically pointless
wareagle (07/12/2007 06:45pm | Edited: 07/12/2007 06:45pm):
I would'nt call 2 grand and an extra deployment base pointless, but okay. And cheers to
everyone who voted and comented, i did'nt expect this map to be so succesfull :)
co stu (07/18/2007 03:11pm):
why has no1 noticed that thats a 1 up mushroom from mario
Lloyd_Wells (07/20/2007 08:51am):
Because it's implied.

And, 10/10
Mantimus Prime (08/06/2007 02:02pm):
"why has no1 noticed that thats a 1 up mushroom from mario "

Because it's so obvious no-one else pointed it out.
Creepy Crawly (08/13/2007 07:47pm):
its one of the few "playable" sprite maps lol..
SmileKZS (08/24/2007 08:12am):
3.Multiple Battlefields(WHAT YOU SAY THE REST OF THE ISLE IS USELESS?! That is bullsh!t)
4.Nice usage of the road.
5.Mario PWNS!
DuelStriker (08/27/2007 03:50pm):
Meh, ignore my first comment. I don't really understand why I said that anyway. XD
The Shifting Shadows (08/29/2007 04:17pm):
10/10. Need I say More?
AlbertNi (09/28/2007 12:35pm):
100% Mario fans will give u a 100/100
The War King (12/09/2007 05:50pm):
lol and 10/10
sulla (02/10/2008 10:05am):
This is a classic map
Watchful_Eye (03/23/2008 01:19pm):
Great Map for Small 1on1s :)
10 Points.
Milky1 (03/31/2008 07:54pm):
wow good coments 10\10

sulla (04/18/2008 12:44pm):
this map needs its A rank back.
rast2 (05/28/2008 12:33pm | Edited: 06/17/2008 11:01pm):
The FTA counter isn't right. OS gets his expansion base first (unless BM is sturm). Fix
it by
moving the infantry to the RIGHTMOST base.
wareagle (06/03/2008 09:01am):
Okay, i'll sort it out as soon as the current games have finished.
nirial1991 (06/08/2008 10:56pm):
10/10 Congrats, you've achieved my Ultimate category of 10/10 maps and have therefore been
favorited. This is a flawless map. but that's just my opinion.
strongbow (06/18/2008 04:38am):
how do i start ?

NJ_advancwrs14 (07/01/2008 06:29pm):
FTA is not countered properly, otherwise, 10/10, 9/10 for now, i'll change it when the FTA is fixed
Zerohour (08/05/2008 12:02pm):
Perfect map. 10/10. Playing with fog would be a bloodfest.
Zinco (10/12/2008 05:51pm):
STA (A city to counter FTA is better in this case) and, KOAL IS BROKEN!!
Xmo5 (01/17/2009 02:15am):
10/10 yay for mario!
Delta BP26 (02/16/2009 04:55pm | Edited: 02/16/2009 04:56pm):
I don't get how an infantry defeats FTA. That gives STA, doesn't it?

Anyway, amazing map. I'm a fan of chokepoints, lol, but without them it's better. 10/10
vswars (06/03/2009 07:55pm):
quite enjoyable with fog of war.
Vekter (07/12/2009 01:21am | Edited: 07/12/2009 01:22am):
Falconewing (07/19/2009 10:20am):
Too small rockets ftw.9
cARDSTER (07/24/2009 11:54am):
ba pa pa bo ba pa! I'ts'a me Mariooo!
airob (07/25/2009 12:27am):
the airports should be some spaces away from one another though
Tyrantboy (08/17/2009 05:06pm):
excellent map
blankets (08/24/2009 09:35pm):
If i were a jerk i'd give this a 9 because i hate the one up mushrooms, they always go the
way you don't expect and fall in a hole. But anyways, 10/10 (Fix FTA?)
Flawed Logic (11/19/2009 10:36pm):
I love the design, but as standards go, this is already dated.7/10
blanci1 (11/01/2010 01:23pm):
i think we who have been around a long time would think that all of the maps we remember
must somehow be dated... however that may be flawed logic ! New blood may see things
in quite a different light.
Perhaps as mentioned above this is a classic... it has ample good points discussed in all the
comments above with very few bad ones. I think one would need to specify clearly what
aspect is dated ... but that might be tricky. Perhaps the togetherness of hq and 2 bases....
but really that remains an important map option to be experienced by all newcomers ... and
reflects a common basic battle scenario. Learning to walk might be considered old fahioned
in the age of motorised transport (i , too, hate irrelevant analogy:)
blanci1 (11/01/2010 01:29pm):
wondering why this has been declassified and put as a sprite. If we need room for new
maps we hould at least re-classify as a classic map or something ??
wareagle (11/26/2010 06:17pm):
The turn counter has finally been sorted.
sulla (03/02/2011 10:22am):
This is still a great map ^_^
wareagle (03/07/2011 06:17pm):
Thanks, i'm still happy with it, it's a shame it's not played on quite
as much these days though.
Chernobog (03/19/2011 06:41pm):
"They should call you Mario because Mario 'cause you just got "

Why would anyone ever, ever say that? Please, nobody ever say that.

On a relevant note... I don't find anything disagreeable about it, at least not to the people who
don't take AWBW as SRS BUSINESS. So... 10/10?
sulla (04/08/2011 10:11am):
This map is great in fog of war.
DraconisMarch (07/21/2011 04:38am):
vunguyenquang90 (08/16/2011 10:44am):
This map shouldn't be played without CO power, it's so boring!
Otherwise, this map is great!
wareagle (09/11/2011 06:41pm):
The occasional comment with all the committee ratings would be nice :P
xushu (10/19/2011 11:21pm):
Classic to be sure. Simple and fun to play on. 8/10
Nyvelion (08/02/2012 01:41pm):
A good classic, I can understand why this is popular.
pokeworld (01/08/2013 07:21pm):
sulla (06/03/2013 06:31pm):
Made this for days of ruin. Plays well.

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