The World (Polar projection)
Creator: Harmony Bunny || First Published: 06/15/2007 || Players: 6 || Size: 60x60
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 7.77 in 13 ratings
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Mad cow87 (06/15/2007 01:43pm):
Add more propertien on the land a bit it looks a little empty specially on a 60 X 60 map (I wish
I can make 70 X 70 maps)

Tempest (06/15/2007 02:11pm):
i agree with mad cow...i looks too empty.7/10
fredfredburger67 (06/15/2007 02:54pm):
How did u make it so freakin big?
Riukken (06/15/2007 09:11pm):
+2 Some terrain variety.
+1 Hardly any chokepoints.
-2 GS (3) and BM (3) have less properties than they should and OS (5) has more properties
than they should.
sirfuxalot (08/03/2007 03:50pm):
It makes sense because China and Brazil are mainly poor as hell and the U.S. is pretty well
pen (08/21/2011 03:21pm):
Wow, Brazil is one of the few nations that is flourishing in our tough economy; the increased
value of commodities has put their economic state in bloom. As for China, people there are poor
but I seriously doubt it is a laughing matter....
Nyvelion (05/16/2014 09:32am):
It's flourishing? Why, does South America have technology now? I've always just thought
of them as living in rainforests in huts and wearing grass clothing. How can they have an

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