#8 Economic Invasion
Creator: Béorgit || First Published: 06/19/2007 || Players: 3 || Size: 30x20
Categories: None
Rating: 7.56 in 9 ratings
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Béorgit (06/19/2007 08:10am):
GS + AB vs. BH...

questions or suggestions? :)
Riukken (06/19/2007 08:59am):
+2 Great terrain variety.
+1 Hardly any chokepoints.
+1 The way you displayed the strategy in this map is superb and well shown.
Béorgit (06/19/2007 09:45am):
Well Thank you :)
chesslordofevil (06/20/2007 09:46am):
I think u would want to ban kindle.She could be a really big pain with all those bases in her
Béorgit (11/18/2008 10:58am):
Dubbed as #8 in my own Grey Sky Fanfic, wich is readable at the forum:

GE = Sami + Eagle, BH = Colin + Kindle, GS = [you] + Lash

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